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Twino Promo Code: Free €15 Sign Up Bonus for New Investors

Use our exclusive Twino promo code and get €15 when investing minimum €100 on the popular peer-to-peer lending platform. You will receive this bonus as soon as meet the qualifying criteria.

Twino is one of the largest peer-to-peer loan marketplaces in Europe. Their investment platform was launched back in 2015, and since then more than 20 thousand investors have financed nearly €700 million worth of loans. It welcomes investors from all the EEA countries. If you fancy joining the platform, make sure to use our Twino promo code to receive a free bonus when opening an account.

TWINO is one of the largest Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending platforms in Continental Europe.

Twino promo code terms

🧾 Referral codeThrough link
💰 Bonus€15
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🤝 ConditionInvests min. €100
Twino referral code

Twino promo code: FAQ

What is Twino?

Twino is a loan marketplace from Latvia. It welcomes investors from all the EEA countries. Investing in this platform is super easy, and you can invest in as many loan applications as you like. There is no fee for investors.

How does Twino work?

Once invested, you start receiving repayments with interest directly in your investment account on the platform. You can also reinvest your earnings into additional loans automatically. The minimum investment amount is one of the lowest at just 10 Euros. 

What are the main features of Twino?

Type of Investment: Loan
ROI: 10% or more
Security: Varies
Secondary Market: No
Auto-invest Function: Yes
Minimum Investment Amount: Euro 10
Currency of Investment: Euro, GBP
Platform Founding Year: 2009
Country of Operation: Latvia

What else should I know about Twino?

The platform is one of the driving forces of crowd investing in Europe. Since 2009, they have funded over 1 Billion Euros. They started off in Latvia but have since expanded lending services to other countries, including Poland, Spain, Denmark, Georgia, Russia, and Kazakhstan. The loans are generally categorized as unsecured consumer loans, invoice financing, and business loans. SME loans and invoice loans are generally low risk. Some of these loans have a buyback or personal guarantees. 

About the author: Lucas P., a pen name for privacy reasons, is an investor, hobby finance writer, and die-hard FIRE enthusiast. Lucas has previously served as editor for a news outlet in his European home country but now spends his time dabbling with traditional and alternative investments. To learn more about Lucas, visit his profile page.