Relai Referral Code 2023: Get 0.5% Off Fees

Relai Referral Code 🇨🇭

New and existing users: Use with the Relai referral code REL131789 and get 0.5% off all trading fees. It takes less than 5 minutes to register your KYC-free Bitcoin wallet and claim your referral bonus

Relai is a Swiss, self-custodial, no-KYC bitcoin platform that was founded in 2020. Since then, it has quickly become one of the fastest growing bitcoin companies in Europe thanks to its focus on simplicity, low fees, and privacy-friendliness.

Whether you’re already a customer or about to join the platform you can use our Relai invite code REL131789 and get 0.5% rebate on all your bitcoin trading fees. To see how to apply the code, follow the instructions further below.

relai referral code

Relai referral code overview

Relai referral codeREL131789
Bonus0.5% off trading fees
Bonus periodUnlimited

How to use the referral code

You can enter the Relai invite code under “Settings” or during the buying/selling process.

  1. Download the Relai app on your smartphone and set up your Bitcoin wallet. You also use Relai with an access an existing wallet by entering the 12 word seed phrase.
  2. Once your wallet is ready, tap “Profile” and then tap “Invite code”
  3. Select “Add an invite code”, insert the referral code REL131789, and then tap “Confirm”

Your account is now set up to receive reduced fees on all your bitcoin trades.

Relai availability

Relai’s services are available worldwide with no know geographical restrictions. There is no KYC requirement for the lowest trading tier. To increase your daily bitcoin trading limits, you can voluntarily choose to go through a standard KYC process, which has some restrictions with regards to sanctioned countries.

What is Relai?

BlockFi is a company that offers loans which are backed by cryptocurrency collateral. They also offer accounts that generate interest for users who store their crypto with them. BlockFi lets you deposit Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and LINK. You can also deposit stablecoins. You will earn interest on your deposited funds. There is no minimum amount required to start earning interest. You can withdraw your funds once per month.

Relai supported crypto

The only cryptocurrency Relai supports is bitcoin. According to its website, the reason for this is that “We created Relai for long-term saving, not for short-term gambling.”

What’s so special about Relai?

Relai is a breath of fresh air in the European crypto scene. Here are some of the highlights you’d want to pay attention to:

  • No verification required: You can download the Relai App on your phone and start investing without going through any KYC identification process or similar pesky procedures.
  • Cheap fees: Relai’s fees are some of the lowest on the market. You can also easily reduce the standard fee by using our Relai invite code to lower the fees even further.
  • Zero-fee stacking: Relai makes it easy to euro/franc-cost-average into or out of bitcoin with their automated savings plan. You get the opportunity to make a fee-free Bitcoin purchase once a month.
  • Direct to your wallet: If you don’t want to use the in-built Relai wallet, you can can provide your own wallet address directly when making a purchase. Your BTC will then be sent directly to your private wallet.


Is Relai Safe?

Yes, it’s safe because your wallet is non-custodial, Relai does not have access to your funds, and because Relai is regulated by the Swiss financial authorities.

Is Relai better than Kraken?

For bitcoin specifically, yes, because the fees are lower and your bitcoin is in your control. You have the seed phrase and Relai can’t access your wallet. Kraken, on the other hand, is a centralized exchange. If Kraken goes bankrupt, your funds are most likely lost.

Does Relai work in Europe?

Yes, their target customer base in Europe and you can use euros or Swiss francs to buy bitcoin or to cash out.

Do they support Euros transfers?

Yes, you can buy bitcoin with Euro or Swiss Franc via debit card or bank transfer. Relai also works as an off-ramp for fiat, as you can cash out via bank transfers.

What is the minimum deposit?

There is no minimum.

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