Choosing between Mintos and Bondora can be a difficult decision. That’s why we’ve collected the most essential information and data to help you select the right platform between these two. But if you’re busy and just want the answer to the question “which is better, Mintos or Bondora“, then Mintos is probably the better choice.

Mintos vs Bondora Comparison

As two of Europe’s most popular peer-to-peer lending platforms, many newcomers are eyeing Mintos and Bodora as options to make their first investment in loans. When it comes to choosing between the two sites, there are different advantages and disadvantages to keep in mind. Let’s compare the key features to help you decide.

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Mintos vs Bondora Comparison [Complete 2020 Overview] 3Mintos vs Bondora Comparison [Complete 2020 Overview] 5
Beginner FriendlyYesPartly
Beginner ProductInvest & AccessGo & Grow
Automated InvestingYesYes
Liquidation?Yes, instant (almost)Yes, fast
Average Interest Rate11.89%6.75%
Buyback GuaranteeYesNo
Security/Collateral Buyback guaranteeNone
User Friend Interface? YesPartly
Sign-Up Bonus for New Investors?0.5% for 90 days on all investment€5