Mintos Promo Code 2020: Free 0.5% Cashback Bonus on All Your Investments

⚠️ Important update: Due to COVID-19, Mintos has temporarily suspended the cashback bonus for new investors until further notice.

New investors who use the Mintos promo code in 2020 on the world’s most popular peer-to-peer lending platform can now enjoy a 0.5% cashback bonus on all investments made within 90 days of registration.

Simply register through this partner link or click the button below to claim your personal sign-up bonus.

Important: The Mintos promo code is automatically applied and activated in the background, once you’ve clicked the above link.

Complete the registration process as shown in the screenshots below to claim the special cashback bonus.

Want to boost your earnings above 0.5%? Scroll down and follow the simple but little-known investor’s techniques.

Need a Mintos invitation code?

Seeing this screen?

That means you’ve already entered your e-mail. Don’t worry, you can still get the bonus. Just contact the Mintos support team ([email protected]) and tell them you want to start over and sign up again with the above affiliate link.

Don’t use personal invitation codes (‘refer-a-friend codes’) found on the internet. Websites aren’t allowed to share them. They’re meant for friends and relatives only. You could potentially lose your chance of earning the sign-up bonus if you use one. To be safe, sign-up through the commercial affiliate link found on this (or another) blog.

How to activate the Mintos promo code 2020: Claim your bonus

1. Apply the Mintos promo code for 2020.

2. Hit “Get started” on the landing page.


3. Enter your email address and click “Continue”.

Mintos invitation code

4. Follow the instructions sent to your email to complete the sign-up process.

5. Decide how much you want to invest. On average, people invest about €5,000.

How to make 16%+ on the P2P platform

Mintos promo code

Since 2019, the Mintos Marketplace has offered premium returns up to 16% per year from investments in secured peer-to-peer loans from the European, naturally accompanied by a buy-back guarantee.

If you’re up for investing in other currencies than the Euro, investments made in these denominations may even exceed the 16% return rate. So, don’t miss out on this special opportunity to join over 150,000 investors from around the world.

Mintos returns

Proven ways to make 2% or more

Besides the Mintos promo code, there are other proven ways to increase your returns on the lending platform and earn cashback rewards while saving money. Not everyone is aware of these free special techniques but they can pump your yield to the maximum, and provide a fantastic supplement to the bonus gained from using the Mintos invitation code.

I’m going to share the two best insider tactics (plus a bonus technique) to maximize your peer-to-peer lending profit in 2020. They might increase the time you have to spend on the platform, but if you scale them to the right level, you’ll be making decent money.

1. Mintos Refer-a-Friend Referral Program

The first option besides applying the Mintos invitation code during sign up is to make use of the exclusive refer-a-friend program. The program allows any user to make up to €1,000 from the investments their friends make with 14 days of registration.

Both you and your friend will be making percentages of the investments your friend makes. It’s a free, profitable way to make free money without doing any extra deposits to the crowdlending site.

The great thing is that there’s not limit on how many friends you can invite. And investors have already collected more than €300,000 in bonuses through the RAF sign-up deal.

To access the referral program, click on “Bonuses for friends – refer and earn” on the top menu bar.

Share this personal Mintos invitation code with your friends, family or business partners to make up to 1% or €1,000 of the investments. The bonus period lasts 14 days, and both accounts will receive the earned amount 10 days after the bonus period ends.

Mintos Invitation Code Bonuses – How are they calculated?

Mintos bonus

Here’s any example of how the refer-a-friend bonus is calculated on the Mintos Marketplace:

Your friend Michael accepts your invitation to join Mintos by using your referral code. He joins the platform and invests €10,000 during his first 2 weeks on the crowdlending platform. At the end of his 14th day on the marketplace, both you and Michael automatically receive a bonus of 1% equivalent to €100 approximately 10 days days after the bonus period has ended.

2. Cashback reward programs

The second alternative to the Mintos promo code in 2020 are the frequently launched cashback programs. From time to time, loan provides on the marketplace announce new promotional offers which offers up to 2% cashback rewards. What does that mean? When you purchase loans sold be this loan provider, you’ll be rewarded with 1-2% of the amount you’ve invested. So, for every €100, you’re getting €1-2 back.

To profit from these limited offers, simply invest in loans offered by these companies within the limited time frame in which they are available.

Sign up to the Mintos newsletter to stay up to date with these promotions.

3. Mintos Bonus Tip: Sell back cashback loans

Here’s a little known tactic that primarily pro-investors know about. Every time there’s a decent cashback campaign, say on loans that return more than 12%, you buy up loads of these cash back loans.

Now, immediately sell those loans on the secondary market with a rebate, i.e. at lower price than what you’ve just purchased them for. Bur you’re not going to lose any money. What you want to do is this: If the promotional campaign offers 2% in cashback, sell the loans with a 1% discount. Voila, you just made an immediate profit.

If you need money at once, just cash out your profit and withdraw your funds from Mintos.

The danger of this strategy is of course that you might not be able to resell the loans. But whenever you sell at a 1% lower price, there’s usually plenty of fish that bites.

What Kind of Returns Can I Expect?

It’s always a good idea to diversify your portfolio across different platforms. Peer-to-peer lending provides a great alternative to stocks, bonds, or alternative investments like cryptocurrencies. Mintos has proven itself as one of the most stable lending markets for loans and it’s size continues to rise. Returns from investments in loans on the site currently averages 12.26%. My personal portfolio performed at about 13% and the interest I make continues to roll in.

In 2018, my portfolio performed very well. But if you sign up with my Mintos invitation code, you can make 0.5% more in the first 90 days after registering.

Why Invest on Mintos?

I can honestly say my experience with the Mintos Marketplace has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s one of the most popular peer-to-peer platforms available, and I think they fully deserve that status. My personal suggestion (bear in mind I’m not a financial adviser) is to only invest in loans graded above B+ to provide some security for your investments. The profit might be lower but at least this minimises the chance of losing money.

Here’s a few good reasons to invest:

  • Premium returns of up 16% (actual rates depends on the season and supply and demand)
  • Zero fees
  • Buyback guarantee on most loans
  • Auto-invest function saves time
  • Average return approximately 12%
  • 150,000+ investors from 68 countries
  • Minimum investment only €10
  • Invest with 7 different currencies
  • Huge secondary market
  • Total amount invested on the platform: €2,710,505,132+
  • Bonuses and cashback rewards for investors
  • There’s a great Mintos promo code for 2020

What is Mintos?

The Mintos Marketplace is one of the leading peer-to-peer lending platforms in Europe that provide premium returns of up to 16%. They connect investors with borrowers from around the world.

Both individual and businesses can invest in the many different loans provided by the marketplace. Currently, Mintos offers invest opportunities in mortgage loans, personal unsecured loans, secured car loans, invoices, and small business loans.

Who can invest with the Mintos promo code?

Both individuals and business entities can invest on the popular marketplace, and both have the exclusive opportunity to sign up with the Mintos invitation code in 2020.

As an individual investor, you must be at least 18 years old and hold a bank account in the European Union. If you’re not a EU citizen, your country must have a a AML/CFT system equivalent to the EU.

Family trusts, partnerships, limited liability companies and other organizations need to have a bank account registered in the EU (or in a country with a AML/CFT verified system)

Unfortunately, as of 2020, US and UK citizens, residents or taxpayers currently can’t invest on Mintos or make use of the invitation code.

More common questions

Who can use the Mintos promo code?

Unfortunately, only new investors have the option to apply the Mintos promo code in 2020 and receive the 0.5% cashback bonus on their investments. But if you’re not already registered, feel free to use the promotional offer and sign up with it. It’s available to anyone who wishes to become an investor.

How do I transfer money to Mintos?

There are three recommended ways to transfer money to your Mintos investor’s account:

1. Use Revolut (recommended), N26 or a similar neobank to exchange money and make free international transfers to Mintos and other p2p platforms.
2. Make a traditional bank transfer
3. Use Transferwise

What are the alternatives to Mintos?

There are several platforms that are similar to Mintos, and many of them provide similar returns. Check out our list of Mintos alternatives right here.

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