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Best Mintos Alterntives in 2019 [Similar Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms]

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What are the best Mintos alternatives in 2019? That’s a question a lot of people ask themselves. With Mintos now being Europe’s largest peer-to-peer lending marketplace, you’re probably already invested with them, just like 162,530 others.

But you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket, so let’s look at some great Mintos alternatives. These are platforms similiar to Mintos in some respects, but still characteristically different each in their own way.

Let’s keep it short and get right to it. Here are the best Mintos alternatives in 2019.

Best Mintos Alternatives

These are my favourite 3 peer-to-peer lending sites that are similar to Mintos. I’m actively investing with all these platforms and wouldn’t recommend them if they hadn’t provided me with great returns.

1. Crowdestor

Crowdestor is one of the most popular P2P lending markets for investing in real estate, hotels, transport, businesses, and startup projects. They provide premium returns of up to 20% per year, which makes them a great alternative to Mintos.

All Crowdestor loans are backed by the mutual BuyBack Fund which covers most loans listed on the site. The platform was launched by Gunars Udris & Janis Timma in 2018 from their base in Latvia.

I’ve made a special deal with Gunars Udris for new investors looking to invest with Crowdestor. If you use my affiliate link, you’ll get a 1% additional bonus from all your investments.

2. Crowdestate

Another great alternative to Mintos is the Estonian crowdfunding site Crowdestate. This platform mainly focuses on European real estate projects and businesses. With this site, you’ll be making approximately 12-16% from your investments per year. Crowdestate has a serious pre-vetting procedure to screen every loan applicant before launching them on the site and is therefore known for its due diligence.

This peer-to-business lending platform also has an autoinvest function similar to that of Mintos. The different is, Crowdestate projects sell out extremely fast, so you have no choice but to enable autoinvest to get your share of any new loan.

3. Envestio

Envestio is probably my favourite Mintos alternative, and the platform is part of the portfolio of most peer-to-peer lending investors. They offers an average return of 18.5% per year. The projects listed on Envestio include real estate, financing of hotels, construction of crypto mining server parks, fish processing plants and all kinds of other businesses.

Envestio is a high-risk high-returns kind of platform. I wouldn’t pour my life savings into their projects, but at the same time, I’ve invested a great deal with them and have been extremely satisfied with the money interest they’re sending my way.

Investors who sign up to Investio with my link will receive €5 welcome bonus and 0.5% additional interest on all their investments for 180 days. Note the promotional offer is automatically applied once you’ve clicked the above link.

Projects listed on Envestio sell out extremely fast, faster than those on Crowdestor even (which is why I’m ranking them third). Make sure to subscribe to their newsletter if you want a piece of the pie. Usually, loans are sold out within 30 minutes.

More platforms similiar to Mintos

Here’s a quick overview of other great alternatives to Mintos

Kuetzal: 21% per year. Sign up through this link to make 0.5% extra from your investments within 180 days of signing up and enter the promotional code “ampleinvest” to receive a €15 free gift.

Estateguru: Up to 13% per year. Sign up through this link to make 0.5% extra

Flender: Up to 12.9% pear year. Use my invitation link to make 5% extra for 30 days

That’s it. I’m going to expand this list when the summer is over. Happy investing to all of you!

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