What are the best Mintos alternatives in 2019? That’s a question a lot of people ask themselves these days. With Mintos now being Europe’s largest peer-to-peer lending marketplace, you’ve probably already invested there, just like 162,530+ others.

If you’re the type of investor who avoids putting all eggs into one basket, we’ve collected a list of great Mintos alternatives for you. While you don’t mind the stable returns on Mintos, you’re smart enough to acknowledge the potential of investing in several different platforms. It’s time to diversify, so let’s explore some great alternatives to Mintos.

Best Real Estate Crowdfunding Alternatives to Mintos

Best real-estate crowdfunding sites

European real-estate crowdfunding has become an attractive alternative to Mintos in recent years. Today, it’s possible to invest in apartments, houses, and development projects online with other investors without needing the capital to buy the property alone. Investing in real-estate through crowdfunding sites is a fantastic way to build a passive income stream from mortgage-secured assets, as opposed to unsecured consumer loans.

The great thing about European real-estate crowdfunding sites is that you can diversify across several properties. Instead of pouring all your funds into a single building or apartment, real-estate P2P sites let you join in on projects for very low sums of money (often below €100). The platform takes care of all the hard work and you simply select the projects you find most promising.

Real-estate crowdfunding sites in Europe usually gather capital from several investors to issue loans to whoever is buying or renovating the property. Most the time, you’ll be receiving monthly interest from your investment plus the original principal at the end of the loan term. On some sites, usually UK ones, you’ll instead receive rental income as if you owned the property.

1. EstateGuru

Mintos vs Estateguru

EstateGuru is the largest real estate crowdfunding platform in mainland Europe that operates in five countries. As such, EstateGuru corresponds closely to Mintos in terms of size, popularity and seriousness. Like Mintos, returns on EstateGuru averages 9-12% per year, with several cashback offers launched from time to time to rocket-boost your returns.

Average return: 12.10%
Minimum investment: €50
Buyback guarantee: No, but all loans are secured through property
Secondary market: Yes
Auto-invest: Yes
Average loan duration: 10.5 months
Amount of loans funded: 1,099+
Number of investors: 34,705+

EstateGuru’s smooth auto-invest function, combined with the fact that new projects launched on a near-daily basis, effectively eliminates the cash-drag known from other peer-to-peer lending services. Another familiar feature is the newly launched secondary market which allows you to liquidize your portfolio fairly quickly.

🎉 Sign up with the EstateGuru referral code EGU52356 or through this link to receive 0.5% extra cashback on all investments for 90 days.

EstateGuru has a pristine track record with zero capital loss since launching in 2014. For a company dealing with mortgages and construction, such numbers are indeed impressive, especially considering the enormous amount project they’re hosting. And in contrast to the dubious ‘buyback-guarantee’ known from Mintos, all loans on EstateGuru are secured with real-estate as collateral.

When it comes to accessibility and user-friendliness, EstateGuru provides an simple interface that’s incredibly easy to navigate. However, simplicity doesn’t mean lack of information: Every project on EstateGuru comes with very detailed documentation and financial information for you to assess the validity of the project. So, when this real estate crowdfunding platform brands itself as the “leading marketplace for short-term property loans in continental Europe”, there’s definitely something to it.

2. BulkEstate

Mintos vs Bulkestate

Estonia-based BulkEstate takes the second place among the best real-estate crowdfunding alternatives to Mintos. BulkEstate offers an extremely popular and intuitive platform for investing in European real estate online. With high annual rates around 13-15% per year and a minimum contribution of only €50, the company is fast becoming an integral part of several portfolios.

Average return: 15.35%
Minimum investment: €50
Auto-invest: Yes
Buyback guarantee: No, but loans are secured by real estate as collateral
Secondary market: No
Average loan term: 12 months

Launched in 2014 with the aim of making it easy for persons and corporations to become a part of the rapidly-growing Baltic real-estate market, BulkEstate has now received more than 17,311+ investments from all around the world. The platform’s immense popularity comes down to two factors: High interest rates and zero defaults.

While BulkEstate primarily offers development projects, they set themselves apart from the competitors by offering highly-coveted group-buying deals. Group buying (or ‘crowd-owning’) lets you buy single apartments or entire buildings far below the market value (up to 35% discount). The way group-buying works is that owners of entire apartment buildings put all units (the entire building) up for sale, and BulkeEstate then invites its users to purchase on or more of these units.

Make sure to subscribe to BulkEstate’s newsletter to receive information about newly released projects (or enable to auto-invest function), as most projects sell out extremely fast.

3. CrowdEstate

Crowdestate vs Mintos

Crowdestate holds the third place among the best European real estate crowdfunding alternatives to Mintos. Founded in 2014 by ex-banker Loit Linnupõld and run from Estonia, Crowdestate focuses on European real-estate development projects, as well as business projects from time to time. Returns range from 12-18% per year.

Average return: 17.77%
Minimum investment: €100
Autoinvest: Yes
Secondary market: Yes
No. of investors: 35.968+
Headquaters: Tallinn
CEO: Loit Linnupold

What I like about Crowdestate is that they take pre-vetting seriously, hence 95% of loan applicants are actually rejected. Although Crowdestate could make more money by listing more projects, they still prefer to host a lower amount of high-quality investment opportunities. Choosing quality over quantity is definitely a good sign when.

Crowdestate projects often get funded within hours. Make sure to enable the auto-invest function to get a piece of the project.

The big downside to Crowdestate is also its popularity. Tons of investors want in on their high-yielding projects, meaning the auto-invest function only invests small amounts of your available funds.

Best Business Peer-to-Peer Lending Sites Similar to Mintos


Investing in businesses through peer-to-peer lending the second-best alternative to the Mintos Marketplace. Like real-estate crowdfunding, business-lending is a way to directly invest in companies with other investors without needing whole the capital to fund the loan alone.

Peer-to-peer business-lending platforms usually provide working capital to businesses looking to expand. This involves expanding production, buying new machinery, develop new projects etc.

Business loans usually return higher rates than real-estate investing but also come with an increased risk. Make sure to do the due diligence before jumping in on a project. On the other hand, banks in many countries may prefer lending to large-scale enterprises, which means healthy small and medium-sized companies turn to alternative finance providers. Here are some of the most popular ones:

1. Crowdestor

Crowdestor bonus

Crowdestor is probably the most popular European business crowdlending marketplace for investing in real-estate, hotels, transport, businesses, and startup projects. Returns range from 12% to 20% per year. The company maintains a pristine track-record, with zero defaults makes Crowdestor a great alternative to Mintos. Crowdestor frequently launches new projects and their loans are backed by the mutual buyback guarantee.

Interest rate: 12-30%
Minimum investment: €50
Auto-invest: No
Buyback-guarantee: Partly
Secondary market: No
Number of investors: Unknown
Headquarters: Riga
CEO: Janis Timma

Like Mintos, Crowdestor is a Latvian-based P2P platform. It was launched by Gunars Udris & Janis Timma in 2018, which means the site is still quite new.

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While I’ve personally invested a fair sum with them, I consider the platform to be high risk high reward. The quality varies from project to project, so make sure to read the investment description and do some research on Google. It’s still very much a new platform with a lot to prove. Investors funds are held in a separate account which provide some level of security.

2. Envestio

Envestio vs Mintos

Envestio is the second-most attractive business-crowdlending Mintos alternative. This popular Estonian peer-to-business platform provides high rates around 18.5% per year and has a clean track record with zero defaults to this day. Envestio loans sell out extremely fast (usually within 24 hours). Make sure to subscribe to their newsletter if you want a piece of the investment pie.

Average interest rate: 18.43%
Registered investors: 9,068+
Total funds invested: €22,177,270+
Paid-out interest: €1,505,659+
Autoinvest: Yes
Buyback guarantee: Partial (up to 90% of the principal amount)
Market: Europe
Currencies: Euro
Country: Estonia

In terms of Envestio vs. Mintos differences, I find the business projects listed on Envestio much more interesting. They include real estate, financing of hotels, construction of crypto mining server parks, fish processing plants and many other attractive investment opportunities.

Envestio is a high-risk high-returns kind of platform. They’ve had zero defaults so far, but I wouldn’t pour my life savings into the platform. However, I’ve invested a fair amount with with them and been extremely satisfied with the interest they’re sending my way.

Investors who sign up to the platform through this Investio referral code receive a €5 welcome bonus and 0.5% additional interest on all their investments for 180 days. Note the promotional offer is automatically applied once you’ve clicked the above link.

3. Kuetzal

Kuetzal takes its name from the South American Quetzal bird.

Kuetzal is a new but promising player in the business crowdlending market. Launched in November 2018, Kuetzal has already managed to attract a great number of investors and projects. The platform also provides an opportunity to invest in real-estate development projects with great rates up to 21% pear year.

Kuetzal offers rates as high as 21% from a variety of different investment types, like real-estate, crypto mining containers, cargo transport, restaurants, start-up companies etc.

Interest rate: 10-21%
Minimum investment: €10
Buyback guarantee: On some projects
Autoinvest: No
CEO: Alberts Cevers

Sign up with the referral link below and enter the Kuetzal promo code “ampleinvest” to receive a €15 welcome bonus and 0.5% cashback on all investments you make the first 180 days.

Like Mintos, most loans on Kuetzal are secured by a buyback guarantee. Watch out for the “buy-back” label to select these types of loans. Another thing which makes Kuetzal a great Mintos alternative is Kuetzal Care. This feature allows you to earn interest before the loan gets funded.

Best consumer loan platforms similar to Mintos

Similar to Mintos

If you don’t mind investing in personal and short-term loans, there’s a range of alternative European P2P lending platforms similar to Mintos. These sites have most of the features you recognize from Mintos (auto-invest, buyback guarantee, high-returns) but host different loan originators.

The ethics of pay-day lending can be discussed but there’s no denying that the market is booming. Consumers in Europe and Asia in need of alternative financing keeps growing year-by-year. To meet this insatiable demand, alternative lending companies gathers funds from private investors and offer them high rates in return.

1. Grupeer

Mintos vs Grupeer

Launched in 2017, Grupeer is a Latvian peer-to-peer lending platform quite similar to Mintos. However, unlike Mintos, Grupeer is mainly focused on development projects and business loans to European and Russian lenders. They offer rates ranging from 12-14%. Loans are purchasable through the auto-invest function which runs smoothly on autopilot.

Average interest rate: 13.41%
Minimum investment: €10
Buyback guarantee: Yes (on most loans)
Secondary market: No (under development)
Number of investors: 14,053+
Loans funded: €53,318,476 +
CEO: Alla Kisik

Comparing Mintos vs. Grupeer, all loans on Grupeer used used to be backed by their buyback guarantee, but now this depends on the loan originator. Make sure to only select loans with this feature enabled to protect your investments. But not a single loan has defaulted on me to this date, which is pretty impressive. What’s more, there are periodical cashback campaigns to boost your earnings.

Grupeer is a high returns little effort kind-of-platform. But there is one drawback I need to mention in terms of Grupeer vs Mintos. There is no secondary market for early exiters, so you’re stuck with the investment until it reaches maturity.

2. Swaper

Mintos vs Swaper

Estonian Swaper is a P2P lending market similar to Mintos. Swaper offers an straight-forward platform for investing in European consumer loans. Investments are fixed at 12% annual interest but an additional +2% is accessible through their loyalty bonus program. To earn the 14% rate you only need to invest €5,000, which would turn into €5,700 after one year.

Comparing Swaper vs. Mintos, both platforms are actually quite similar, Swaper being the much smaller one, however. Auto-invest manages your portfolio, while the secondary market allows you to exist earlier. Manual investing is also possible but quite time-consuming.

Average interest rate: 12% (14% when investing €5,000)
Minimum investment: €10
Buyback guarantee: Yes (after 30 days delay)
Secondary market: Yes
Number of investors: 2,532+
Interest paid to investors: 1.3M+
CEO: Iveta Brūvele
Currencies: EUR, GBP

Swaper has had some cash-drag problems before. But with new loan originators, this issue of dead money now seems to be resolved. Swaper is part of the Wandoo Finance Group who owns the lending companies feautred on Swaper. Like so many other p2p platforms, this means that the lending part and investment part are interconnected entities. As always, 14% rate is naturally for those willing to accept the risks of consumer lending.

3. Peerberry

Peerberry vs Mintos

Latvian-based PeerBerry is next in this list of Mintos alternatives. This alternative investment marketplace started in 2017 and today focuses on short-term consumer and business loans issued by non-banking lenders from across Europe.

Looking at Mintos vs PeerBerry side-by-side, PeerBerry offers similar attractive rates around 12% from European and Asian borrowers. European Union-based individuals and companies become investors at PeerBerry.

Average interest rate: 11.53%
Minimum investment: €10
Auto-invest: Yes
Secondary market: No
Fees: None
Number of investors: 9,330+
Interest paid to investors: €968,593+
CEO: Arunas Lekavicius
Currencies: Euro

PeerBerry is still a small-scale marketplace compared to Mintos. One thing to keep in mind is that PeerBerry is part of the Aventus Group which is the very same company that issues loans to the consumers. However, Aventus (AV Group) is a profitable company which paid more than 3,37 thousand Euros in taxes in 2018.

4. Fast Invest

Mintos vs Fastinvest

FAST INVEST or FastInvest is a London-based popular Mintos alternative to invest in consumer loans. What makes Fastinvest different than Mintos is the MoneyBack Guarantee. It allows you to sell the loan back to the platform and retrieve the principal sum after 24 hours (with no interest, however). Loans are backed by the BuyBack Guarantee that kicks in after only 3 days delay. Those are definitely some interesting features to consider when picking a Mintos alternative.

  • Average interest rate: 12.4%
  • Minimum investment: €1
  • Buyback guarantee: Yes (after 3 days)
  • Secondary market: No, but loans can be sold back to originator
  • Number of investors: 30,000+
  • Currencies: Euro
  • CEO: Simona Vaitkune

Loans on FastInvest are pre-funded by the loan originating companies. However, the platform has not revealed the identities of these loan providers. It’s relevant to ask yourself why they would keep that a secret from the investors. In all, Fastinvest offers attractive rates and security mechanisms but its not for the faint-hearted.

5. ViaInvest

Mintos vs Viainvest

Latvian ViaInvest is another interesting peer-to-peer lending marketplace similar to Mintos. This platform focuses on short-term personal loans issued to European consumers (mainly Latvians). ViaInvest is part of the VIA SMS Group that turned a profit 9 million Euro profit in 2018. Considering Mintos vs. ViaInvest, the latter has been profitable for more years, something which should be taken into consideration.

  • Average interest rate: 11.8%
  • Minimum investment: €10
  • Buyback guarantee: Yes (all loans)
  • Auto-invest: Yes
  • Fees: None
  • No. of investors: 11,529
  • Trustpilot score: 7.5%
  • Around 220 employees

The above points make it clear that ViaInvest is quite similar to Mintos in most regards. The average interest rate is not the best, but loan originators on the platform are backed by the mother company (VIA SMS Group). One of the big downsides is that there’s no secondary market. The second is that ViaInvest withholds taxes unless you provide certain documentation.

6. Robo.cash

Mintos vs Robocash
I replaced the obnoxious Robocash robot with this slightly more aesthetic one.

The number 8 alternative to Mintos is the oddly-named platform Robo.cash. Comparing Mintos vs. Robocash, both are peer-to-peer to marketplaces for investing in secured consumer loans in Europe and Asia. Robocash is a great platform for short term investments for those who want to pull out your money within a few years or less.

All Robocash loans come with a buyback guarantee that kicks in automatically after 30 days. The lending site offers no way of investing manually, since all loans are bought through the auto-invest function, hence the name “Robot”. The average interest rate is locked at 12% per year for all loans, reminiscent of the Mintos rates.

  • Average interest rate: 12%
  • Minimum investment: €10
  • Buyback guarantee: Yes
  • Secondary market: Yes
  • Loan duration: Less than 1 month to 12 months
  • CEO: Sergey Sedov
  • Currencies: Euro

The big downside to Robocash in comparison to Mintos is that the platform only pays out interest at the end of the loan term. However, Robocash is part of the RoboCash Group founded in 2012, and this mother group has more than 1,350 employees around the world and has been profitable since 2015, which is a great sign of stability for their investors.

7. Finbee

Mintos vs Finbee

FinBee is a Lithuanian (for a change) that was launched by Laimonas Noreika in 2015. FinBee offers investors a chance to invest in personal or business loans issued to European consumers and businesses. Interest rates are extremely high (some 20% on a lot of loans), but there is no buyback guarantee behind them.

  • Average interest rate: 18%
  • Minimum investment: €5
  • Auto-invest: Yes
  • Buyback guarantee: No
  • Secondary market: Yes, but not free (1% fee)
  • Number of investors: More than 11,725
  • Loan duration: 1 month to 1 year
  • CEO: Laimonas Noreika
  • Currencies: Euro

Similar to Mintos, FinBee loans are graded from A+ to D. I’d personally stay away from anything graded below C, as they’re prone to default. Yet, compared to Mintos, Grupeer and other Latvian-Estonian platforms, the mother company behind FinBee fully regulated company under the Bank of Lithuania, an institution that supervises all national lending companies closely.