Methodology: How We Test

The aim of Ampleinvest is to make it easier for our readers to the right financial services for their needs and provide thorough information on brokers and exchanges based firmly on facts and reliable data. Our main editorial purpose is to give independent and unbiased information by scoring each exchange or broker we mention based on numerous categories and key factors.

Our goal at Investor Junkie is to give our visitors with 100% accurate and objective information regarding financial goods. Where affiliate agreements exist, we take effort to guarantee that our reviews are not influenced by our affiliate marketing. Instead, they’re founded on facts and the characteristics of the things we’re evaluating.

When writing a product review for Investor Junkie, our writers analyze a set of criteria and assign a score from 0 to 10 to each one.

Testing Devices

All tests are purposely carried out on slightly older mobile and desktop devices to reflect performance and speed on hardware that may be used by all socioeconomic groups. When testing on desktop devices, we use a 2017 Dell laptop connected to a 100Mbit wireless connection through the 802.11n/ac wireless WiFi networking standard. All web applications are tested on the Firefox and Chrome browsers. For mobile testing, a 2018 Samsung Galaxy A7 is used, connected to the web through a standard 4G mobile connection.

Review Process

We created a system that assigns ratings based on different categories and variables. Each category contains the essential elements that users require to completely evaluate an online broker or exchange. We open a live account for each platform and used it to conduct hands-on tests with each platform. We assess each evaluation category and combine the category results into an overall rating for each services based on the hands-on testing of the platforms. The broker or exchange is unaware that we are testing.

Upon completed testing, we occasionally discuss our findings with representatives of the platform being tested. This is only to fix factual errors and has no influence on how we present our final evaluation to the readers. As most providers add new features and products as time go by, we occasionally update our articles to reflect these developments.

Most importantly, we take safety seriously. All of the stock stock brokers we mention are regulated by at least one financial authority, and all crypto exchanges we list are reputable companies with long track records, high security standards, and publicly known management teams. We do research on every crypto exchange we list & are very careful not to include scam exchanges. We look carefully at every crypto exchange and take very great care not to include scam exchanges.