Kuflink Referral Code – Get Up to 4% Free Cashback (FCA Regulated)

Use our exclusive Kuflink referral code and get up to 4% (up to £4,000) cashback on your investments when investing £1,000 or more on this FCA-regulated and authorised platform.

Kuflink is a popular crowd investing platform in the UK, providing different investment opportunities from real estate to loans. If you fancy dipping your toes in the British real estate market, use our Kuflink promotion offer when signing up.

Kuflink cashback offer explained

The free cashback will be calculated on the following cashback tiers:

Investment amountCashback
£1,000 – £5,0002.50%
£5,000.01 – £25,0003.00%
£25,000.01 – £50,0003.50%
£50,000.01 – £99,999.993.75%

*Cashback capped at £4,000

The new investor must invest a minimum of £1,000 on the platform to qualify for the reward. You can invest in as many opportunities as are available across Select-Invest, Auto-Invest and IF-ISA. New investors have a 14-calendar day window to maximise their cashback by making further investments. The 14-calendar day window starts from the moment they make their first £100 investment. The cumulative total of the new investor’s investments made within the 14-calendar day window will be the total amount entitled to the cashback promotion.

Kuflink Cashback Offer

Kuflink FAQ

What is Kuflink?

Kuflink is a crowd investing platform in the UK, providing different investment opportunities from real estate to loans. It provides a lot of flexibility for investors with three ways to invest capital: Select-Invest, Auto-Invest, and IFISA. You can get returns up to 7.2% any way you invest. In most projects, the platform invests 50% to align its interests with the investors. The team behind the platform has many years of finance and real estate experience. The platform has won several awards and enjoys a high rating on Trustpilot. 

What are the main features of Kuflink?

Type of Investment: Loan
ROI: 7.2% pa 
Security: Asset
Secondary Market: Yes
Auto-invest Function: Yes
Minimum Investment Amount: GBP 100
Currency of Investment: GBP
Platform Founding Year: 2016
Country of Operation: UK

How do I get started?

The platform started as Kuflink Bridging in 2013 and stepped into the P2P lending industry in 2016. With the Auto-Invest tool, you can choose a fixed interest rate and fixed term from one, two, and three years. The three-year has the highest yield. You have all the control of your investments. You can easily sell shares on the secondary market if you want to exit earlier. For creating an account on the platform, you have to provide a bunch of documents and your picture. 

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