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Quick facts about Kuetzal

Kuetzal is a new high-yielding peer-to-peer lending platform that launched in 2018. On Kuetzal, you can invest in businesses and real-estate projects online and earn up to 21% in returns per annum. This makes it an interesting competitor to sites Envestio and Crowdestate, which is why I’ve decided to post this Kuetzal review and share my experience.

  • Average return: 16%
  • Country: Estonia
  • Loan types: Crowdinvesting, real-estate, business loans, development loans
  • Minimum investment: €100
  • Auto-invest function: No
  • Buyback guarantee: Yes/no – depends on loan
  • Sign-up bonus: €15 Kuetzal promo code for new investors
  • Overall rating: 4/5 – High returns but still a new platform with a lot to prove.

Here are some of the investment opportunities currently available for buy-ins (screenshot from the website):

Kuetzal Investment Opportunities

Kuetzal pros

  • High returns of up to 21% per year
  • Genuine investment projects that help real companies grow and expand
  • No cash-drag: All your deposits can be invested immediately
  • The Kuetzal Care Program ensures that investors start receiving interest instantly. You don’t have to wait for the whole project to financed to earn money.

Kuetzal cons

  • Platform is less than 2 years old
  • Small business with few employees (like Envestio)
  • No historical proof of buyback guarantee working
  • Buyback-guarantee only covers some loans

What is Kuetzal?

Kuetzal is an Estonian based crowdlending platform that offers investors an opportunity to invest in high-yielding loans to businesses across Europe. Kuetzal went online as a P2B investment platform in 2018 and has since then seen a rapid growth in investors and featured projects.

The purpose of Kuetzal is to provide funding for different businesses by inviting private individuals to participate in funding them. What is interesting about Kuetzal is the high interested rates of up to 21% per annum offered in return for your investment. A broad range of industries are found on their website such as container transportation, real estate development, online payment solutions, crypto-currency mining etc.

Kuetzal Infographic

Is Kuetzal safe?

To mitigate the safety risks on Kuetzal, you can choose to select only those loans that are accompanied by a buy-back guarantee. The investment buy-back option is provided by the platform to protect investors in the case that a business should default. Kuetzal guarantees to (re)cover 100% of your investment within 2 months, depending on the legal process. The safety of your investment thus depends on the performance of the individual business.

There is, of course, always a ghastly chance that the P2P platform itself could go out of business. Personally, I believe this would only happen if multiple companies weren’t able to repay their loans simultaneously. But as with all types of investments, risks follow reward, and your money is always safer in a bank account at 0% interest rate.

To ease my readers, I’ll look further into their company finances in an upcoming update of this review

Is Kuetzal a scam?

Kuetzal is run by Alberts Cevers. According to his LinkedIn profile, he was employed by Twinero, Présta (Spanish loan providers) and Viventor prior to founding his own business in Talinn. So he’s definitely experienced in world of fin-tech.

You can test whether the companies listed on the site exist by contacting them yourself. Send them an e-mail, look them up on Google, check their financial reports, call them on the phone and ask if they are related to Kuetzal. I’ve done all these things myself and can indeed confirm their affiliation.

For now, I won’t be investing more than €5000 through the company. In my mind, it’s a high risk high reward platform. It’s very tempting to go all in because of the high interest rates – but for now, I’m curbing my enthusiasm and spreading out the risk across multiple high-yielding platforms instead (e.g. Crowdestate, Envestio etc.).

Kuetzal is definitely legit. It just needs to proof itself as a peer-to-peer/business platform that can stack up against the larger players on the market. It also needs to show it can handle a default loan default properly, which will eventually happen, according to the history of crowdlending.

Kuetzal promo code

That’s the end of this small Kuetzal review. If you feel confident that the lending platform is a good investment, feel free to use my Kuetzal promo code when signing up.

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