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Flender acts as a secondary lending source for small to medium-sized companies. The interest rates are generous as compared with traditional investing avenues. You receive monthly repayments with interest surplusing your regular income. If you fancy joining the platform, kake sure to use our Flender referral code FLEN62960L7112 when signing up.

Flender Review

Flender is a peer-to-peer lending site where you can lend to creditworthy and reliable Irish business who are seeking funds for expansion and who in return are offering you an attractive interest rate on your investment, typically 8-12%. Moreover, Flender has an impressively low default rate of only 0.3%. M

Flender Referral Code: FAQ

What is Flender?

Flender is an Irish crowd investing platform for investing money in Irish SMEs. It acts as a secondary lending source for small to medium-sized companies. Investors, on the other hand, have the opportunity to invest in small amounts in multiple loans.

What characterizes Flender?

Type of Investment: Loan
ROI: Annual average 10%
Security: None
Secondary Market: No
Auto-invest Function: Yes
Minimum Investment Amount: Euro 50
Currency of Investment: Euro
Platform Founding Year: 2015
Country of Operation: Ireland

What are the investment fees on Flender?

There are no fees for lenders on this platform. The AutoFlend allows you to automatically invest in businesses with loan conditions that meet your criteria.

Is it easy to diversify on Flender?

The loans range from 15,000 Euros to 250,000 Euros. However, you can start with just 50 Euros. As you deposit more money on to the platform, your investment portfolio diversifies with more of your money going towards different businesses. The default rate is extremely low on this platform at just 0.7%. The team behind Flenders thoroughly vets each borrower to ensure they have appropriate creditworthiness for the amount they are asking for.

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