Flender Referral Code 2019 – Get 5% Extra on all Your Investments

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Flender’s Referral Code allows you to earn 5.0% extra in addition to the amount you invest during your first 30 days using Flender.

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Flender is a peer-to-peer lending site where you can lend to creditworthy and reliable Irish business who are seeking funds for expansion and who in return are offering you an attractive interest rate on your investment, typically 8-12%. Flender has an impressive 0.3% default rate.

Flender Referral Code

Flender referral code

Businesses use Flender to get loans. Lenders (like me and you) can profit from investing into these loans when you apply the Flender promotional code.

All you have to do is sign-up using the Flender referral code bonus and start lending to earn a great interest rate plus a 5.0% bonus.