Envestio Referral Code

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Envestio promo code 2019: Click to claim youe €5 + 0.5% sign-up bonus

The Envestio promo code is automatically applied, once you’ve clicked the above link. Simply complete the registration process to activate your sign up bonus.

If you’re about to sign up to Envestio, then don’t miss out on this great campaign: Use the referral link and you’ll receive 0.5% extra on all investments within 180 days of signing up!

Cherry on top: You’ll get a small sign up bonus of €5! That’s on top of the 22% returns Envestio already offers.

How to redeem the Envestio promotional code

1. Click the link to redeem your offer. This sends you to the main landing page

2. The coupon is now applied. You’re ready to invest with 0.5% extra interest rate. If you’re unsure whether you’ve clicked the correct link, check the URL. It should look like this:

P2P Coupon Url

3. Click the “Sign Up” button.

Envestio Referral Bonus

4. Now enter your personal information to create an investor account. Hit the “Sign Up” button.

Envestio Special Offer

Congratulations! You’re now ready to start investing in loans and earn premium returns!

Earn more with the Envestio promo code

Envestio offers private individuals a unique chance to invest in businesses and real estate. They’re doing all the dirty work, while you sit back and relax. Here’s 5 reasons why people love the lending platform:

  1. High returns! Yes, there’s no hiding the fact. We’re all in the game for this reason. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love 22% interest rates?
  2. Real businesses. A personal preference, but it feels good to help raise funds for business and real estate owners. For me, P2B is just more giving than P2P. I’m supporting entrepreneurship and innovation in the Baltics, which feels less evil than Mintos’ payday loans.
  3. Investment diversity: Envestio is involved with a range of different business sectors. Instead of just one type, you’ll find various projects, such as Crypto mining, hotel renovations, a fish processing plant etc. You can check them out here.
  4. Numbers: more than 42 businesses have been funded through the crowdlending platform already. In all, investors have earned €798k.
  5. Credibility: Envestio provides near total transparency. Every project is accompanied by thorough business details.

Still in doubt? Why not test out the platform for free? The promotional offer to Envestio gives you €5 to play with. But remember, most loans are sold out within 24 hours. That’s how popular the platform has become!

Envestio Promo Code

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