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How to get the referral code bonus

With the referral code vuqyrjaau9, you will get you a $50 USD equivalent sign-up bonus paid in MCO tokens. Any crypto-fan looking to open an account with can get the sign-up bonus by following these simple steps:

Crypto signup bonus

How to get the Crypto sign up bonus with the referral code :

  1. Download the app on your Android or IOS

    To claim the cashback offer, you need to download the application on your iOS or Android smartphone.

  2. Tap on “Invited”?

    After installation, open the app and tap on “Invited?” and add the Referral Code above the “Sign Up” button 

  3. Complete the registration process and pass the KYC verification

  4. Stake 50 MCO to instantly unlock your $50 USD referral bonus

    To claim the reward, you have to stake minimum 50 MCO (MCO Visa Card Reservation) to unlock the referral bonus. MCO can be purchased in the app via Credit/Debit Card, Bank Transfer or Crypto Wallet.

You can also follow these detailed instructions if you want a complete step-by-step guide:

crypto promo code

If you fail to enter the referral code on the App sign-up screen, the referral code can be added via App Settings – Referral Code, within 10 days of confirming their email during sign-up.

Crypto referral code