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Crowdestor Promo Code 2020: 1% Cashback Sign-Up Bonus For New Investors

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Sign up with our unique Crowdestor promotion code link and earn 1% extra on all your investments for 90 days. The bonus is automatically applied when registering and you can track all your cashback earnings on the platform dashboard.

Crowdestor is a European peer-to-business and real estate crowdfunding platform that offers SME loans to borrowers and investment opportunities to lenders. You can start investing from €50 in projects yielding from 9% to 21% per year, depending on your risk profile.

If you think peer-to-business and SME lending might fit your investment profile, claim your Crowdestor sign-up bonus by registering through our exclusive link.

Crowdestor promo code terms

When you sign up with our referral link, the Crowdestor promo code is automatically applied and active. Once you have completed the sign-up procedure and start investing, any accumulated cashback and additional interest will be accredited to your account on a regular basis.

Starting from the first investment, you will receive 1% for the next 90 days. The minimum investment requirement is €50. There is no maximum or cap on bonuses.

🧾 Referral codeThrough link
💰 Bonus1% in EUR
⌚ Payout term90 days
🤝 Condition€50 min.

If you did not receive the sign up bonus with our link, please contact the company’s support team. You may have signed up with an active Adblocker or similarly.

Sign up details

To qualify for the cashback, you first need to use a referral link like ours. Using our partner link will automatically apply and active the promotion. Next, register an account on Crowdestor’s website by entering your personal details. Follow the instructions send to your email account and complete the KYC procedure. Finally, invest in a project of your liking. All cashback will be accredited to your account regularly and accumulated earnings can be tracked in the dashboard.

Crowdestor promo code: FAQ

What is Crowdestor?

Crowdestor is a peer-to-business investment platform connecting lenders and borrowers from around the world. The platform finds SME in need of capital and pool investors together to finance the development of these businesses.

How much can I make on Crowdestor?

Investments on Crowdestor return from 9% to 21% per year depending on a number of factors. With our referral code, you can increase your earnings with 1% on all projects listed the popular.

How do I register an account?

Registering on Crowdestor is possible for both individual investors and companies. First, use the promotional link which sends you to the registration formula. Now, the bonus is activated and you should automatically be receiving additional interest on your investments. Enter your name, email and preferred password. After creating an investor’s account, you will receive a confirmation email. Lastly, a simple KYC identification process follows.

What is real estate and SME crowdfunding?

Real estate crowdfunding is a way to investment in property online with other investors but without the usual paperwork and management work that is normally required. Instead of purchasing bricks and mortar yourself, crowdfunding allows you to diversify and spread out over several projects.

What are the benefits of real estate and SME crowdfunding?

What makes real estate crowdfunding so awesome is that you don’t have to deal with managing the property, deal with tenants, go through the legal work and negotiate with the bank to loan money. Another benefit of real estate crowdlending is the option to invest very low sums of money, often as little as €10. That’s a huge plus for private investors.

About the author: Lucas Peterson is an investor and expert finance writer with over 10 years of industry experience. Lucas has previously served as editor for a major financial news outlet in his European home country but now spends his time dealing with investments, managing his real estate portfolio, and learning about blockchain technology. To learn more about Lucas, visit his profile page.