Crowdestor Promo Code 2020: 1% Cashback Sign-Up Bonus For New Investors

Crowdestor promo code: Crowdestor now offers new users 1% extra on all investments for 90 days. Claim your Crowdestor bonus by signing up through this exclusive link and follow the instructions shown in the screenshots below.

Important: The Crowdestor promo code is automatically applied and active, once you’ve clicked the above link. Simply complete the sign-up procedure and start investing to claim your personal reward.

Ad-block users may need to temporarily disable their browser extension, if the landing page fails to load. Then hit refresh and the sign-up page should appear correctly. Afterwards, enable your ad-blocker again, if you wish to.

Crowdestor Promo Code 2020: 1% Cashback Sign-Up Bonus For New Investors 3

Ad-block users may need to disable their browser extension temporarily.
Hit refresh to complete the registration process.

This special deal was negotiated with company co-founder Gunars Udris. That’s why new users who register on the popular lending platform through my promotional offer can now enjoy a 1% cashback bonus on their future investments.

Crowdestor is an extremely popular investment platform and their projects tend to sell out very fast (often within 48 hours). Make sure to join the newsletter to receive important updates about new projects and their release date.

How to sign up to the Crowdestor lending platform

1. Apply the Crowdestor promo code: Click here to claim your 1% cashback bonus on sign-up.

Adblock users: If the page fails to load, disable your browser’s adblocker extension and refresh the page. If you complete the registration process with an active adblocker, you might lose your bonus for good).

2. The bonus is automatically applied and now active.

The page should look like this:

Crowdestor Promo Code

3. Enter your personal information to claim your 1% sign up bonus.

4. Hit the “Register button”

5. Start investing in high-yielding business and real-estate projects like these and earn premium returns:

Crowdestor  Projects

Crowdestor promo code

Investments on the peer-to-peer lending platform already provide unique interest rates of up to 21%, but with the exclusive Crowdestor referral code you now have the limited opportunity to reap a 1% bonus to your portfolio on all projects listed the popular crowdlending platform.

By connecting lenders and borrowers from around the world from their headquarter in Tallinn, the well-reputed Estonian peer-to-business investment firm Crowdestor has rapidly evolved through their time of operations. The platform does extremely well in supplying the necessary pool of private and corporate investors for businesses and real estate projects in Europe who seek funding.

Didn’t receive the Crowdestor rebate? Please contact the company’s support team. You may have signed up with an active adblocker.

Crowdestor promo code

Featured projects come with interest rates ranging from 15-21%. Most loans last 1-2 years and come with a partial buyback guarantee.

Register on Crowdestor

If you would like to enjoy 1% extra from all your investments, go ahead now and sign up with the special invitation code to claim the exclusive deal.

It’s extremely easy to become and investor. Registering on the peer-to-peer lending platform is possible for both individual investors and companies looking to maximize their portfolio value and save money.

To apply the special promotional deal all you have to do is to follow the link above. This activates the exclusive bonus and you’ll automatically receive additional interest.

Now enter your (business) name, email and preferred password.

After creating an investor’s account, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

A simple identification process follows.

Make a deposit for free

Depositing funds to your investor’s account can be done in 3 ways:

  1. Use Revolut to make a free Euro transfer
  2. Make a traditional bank transfer
  3. Use TransferWise

Platform facts

  • Investment focus: businesses and real estate
  • Founded: 2018
  • CEO: Gunars Udris & Janis Timma
  • HQ: Estonia
  • Number of investors: thousands (exact number hasn’t been disclosed)

Real estate crowdfunding

Real estate crowdfunding in Europe has gained massive momentum in the last few years. Instead of purchasing bricks and mortar yourself and bother with huge stacks of paperwork, crowdfunding allows you to diversify and spread out over several different projects.

What makes real estate crowdfunding so awesome is that you don’t have to deal with managing the property, deal with tenants, go through the legal work and negotiate with the bank to loan money. Another benefit of real estate crowdlending is the option to invest very low sums of money, often as little as €10. That’s a huge plus for private investors.