Bondster Promo Code – 1% Free Cashback Sign-Up Bonus

Use our exclusive Bondster promo code to receive a 1% free cashback bonus on all your investments for the first 90 days of registration. For example, each active investor who invests on €1,000 or more within the first 30 days from registration will receive a bonus of €10. Most importantly, there is no upper limit to the bonus.

Bondster is a Czech fintech company that provides investment opportunities in loans, including mortgage loans, consumer loans, and real estate development loans. With our Bondster promo code, you will get a 1% cashback bonus based on the increase of the volume of investments you hold within the first 3 months of registration.

Bondster promo code

How to claim your Bondster promo code:

  1. Apply the promo code by clicking right here
  2. Click “Register”
  3. Fill out your personal details. The field called “promocode” does not need to be filled out when using our partner link, since the bonus is already applied and active in the background.
  4. Hit “Register”.

Once your application goes through, you’ll be earning an additional percent off your investments for the first 90 days.

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1% Bondster Referral Code & Cashback

🧾 Referral codeThrough link
💰 Bonus1%
⌚ Payout term90 days
🤝 Min. investment€5
  • What? New users receive 1% cashback bonus of the invested amount within the first 90 days of signing up.
  • When? The Bondster bonus is paid out monthly.
  • Who can invest? European Union citizens and other selected countries with a European bank account, as well as legal entities based in the EU.

Bondster FAQ

What is Bondster?

Bondster provides investment opportunities in loans. The platform is based in Prague and is a Czech FinTech startup. It provides the public with an opportunity to invest in loans from loan providers and get high return rates in exchange. Each loan has a different interest rate and repayment terms. The best part about this crowd investing platform is that it’s fast growing and audited by a top tier accounting firm. Almost all the loans are secured, usually by real estate or likewise. However, the buyback is not uniform, and the time varies by the originator. 

What are the main features of Bondster?

Type of Investment: Loan
ROI: Up to 10 – 13.5%
Security: Asset
Secondary Market: No
Auto-invest Function: Yes
Minimum Investment Amount: 5 Euro
Currency of Investment: Euro
Platform Founding Year: 2017
Country of Operation: Czech Republic

What is special about Bondster?

Bondster has one of the lowest minimum investment amounts in Europe. You can start with just 5 Euro and increase your investment from there. You can also diversify your investment portfolio over time to invest in more loans. Since there is collateral associated with all loan providers, these investments are low risk. The investments made in Euros do not incur any fee. The platform processes profiles and investments quickly. You can have your money invested in just a day. 

Lucas P.
Lucas P.

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