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15 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe of 2020

What are the best peer-to-peer lending platforms in Europe? Read our 2020 ranking of the best sites on the market right now.

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To help you find the best peer-to-peer lending platforms in Europe, we jumped ahead and did the hard work for you.

First, we reviewed and tested more than 100 European peer-to-peer lending platforms, then we compared them for yield, user-friendliness, trustworthiness, competitiveness, selection of vehicles, security, and much more.

We looked at the top peer-to-peer lending platforms in Europe for short-term loans, real estate, and business financing, and selected the best site from each of these categories.

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Without further ado, here is our ranking of the best European peer-to-peer lending platforms for this year.

These are the best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe

Our ranking of the best peer-to-peer lending platforms in Europe:

  1. Mintos: Best overall peer-to-peer lending platform in Europe. Mintos boasts an unmatched deal flow with loans from all asset classes. Close to 300,000 users and €5 billion worth of total investments. Worldwide coverage. Authority-regulated lenders. Easy-to-diversify, highly adjustable settings and great charting.
  2. EstateGuru: Best for secured real estate investments. Our editor’s top choice for 2020. Industry forerunner with zero capital loss, pan-European investment opportunities. Only collateralised loans. FCA authorised and transparent financials.
  3. AblRate: Best for UK peer-to-business lending. Secured loans and FCA regulated. Alternative asset classes and great track record of projects. Up to 15% interest. Highly experienced management team.
  4. BLEND Network: Great choice for UK real estate. BLEND focuses on areas underserved by banks. This niche area provides high returns up to 15%. Run by a qualified team of former bankers. FCA regulated.
  5. Twino: Best for consumer loans. Twino is the 2nd largest peer-to-peer lending platform in mainland Europe based on loan volume, with €650m worth of investments, a long track record, and experienced management team.
  6. PeerBerry: Excellent all-around offering. PeerBerry caters to passive investors, with 13% ROI, an easy-to-use platform, thousands of loans to choose from, and attractive loyalty bonuses.
  7. Iuvo: Best for regulated peer-to-peer lending in Europe. Investors on Iuvo can enjoy an authorised, licensed, and audited platform with attractive annual yields, buyback guarantee, and fully automated portfolio management.
  8. Crowdestate: Stands out as a top rated all-around P2P platform for secured real estate and business lending with annual returns up to 17%. Active deal flow with opportunities from Northern and Southern Europe.
  9. Bulkestate: Excellent property investment platform focusing on luxury flats and buildings in the Baltics.
  10. Property Partner: Best for UK real estate. Property Partner is our number one choice for investing in hand-picked UK property, generating monthly dividends and long-term price appreciation. FCA regulated and £145m assets under management.
  11. Swaper: Well-balanced offering with fixed annual returns, buyback guarantee, and an automated investment experience.
  12. Bondster: Our number-one alternative to the Baltic and British peer-to-peer lending scene. Bondster sports a broad selection of loans, including real estate secured against property, consumer debt, and business financing.
  13. ViaInvest: Great all-around choice for consumer loans with buyback guarantee. ViaInvest is run by a profitable mother company and offers loans from 5 different European countries.
  14. Crowdestor: Best for hand-picked SME lending. Crowdestor offers up to 24% annual yields from secured and unsecured business financing and real estate development projectsin the Baltics, including film productions with Holmwood actors.
  15. October: Just made it to our list. Largest SME lending platform in Europe. Regulated by French authorities, October (former Lendix) is the leading marketplace for investing in business loans in Europe.

More Top Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe to Consider

  • Rendity: Best for German and Austrian real estate. Rendity is our first choice for online property investments in Central Europe, with stable returns, institutional co-lenders, zero fees, and a broad selection of properties to choose from.
  • Debitum Network: Debitum Network takes an innovative approach to SME lending through machine learning and proprietary scoring models. Offers an excellent escape to the world of consumer loans.
  • Trine: Best for green investing. High-risk, environment and development focused Swedish platform supported by the local government.
  • Viventor: Automated SME lending with an edge. High returns from loans issued by the Finstar Financial Group.
  • Lendermarket: Proprietary platform of Creditstar, one of Europe’s largest and most profitable alternative finance providers.
  • Fellow Finance: Regulated Nordic platform headquartered in Finland, with €584m worth of funded loans.
  • CrowdProperty. UK’s largest property crowdfunding platform for residential, boasting £156m funded development loans, over 900 homes built. Has a 100% payback rate and great track record. FCA regulated and authorised.
  • The House Crowd: UK-based and FCA regulated real estate crowdfunding platform with £100m worth and 250 completed projects.
  • Property Bridges
  • Property Crowd: Popular UK property crowdfunding platform with returns around 11% per year.
  • LandlordInvest: British peer-to-peer platform for investing in UK bricks & mortar secured against property.
  • Proplend: One of the best British sites to invest in commercial real estate through collateralised loans.
  • Linked Finance: Ireland’s number one P2P platform for SME lending, with 25,000 users and €133,000,000 worth of funded projects.
  • Bolden: French SME lending platform open to international investors. Relatively new but interesting player that pays fixed interest rates. Regulated by the French authorities.

Mintos: Best Overall Peer-to-Peer Lending Platform in Europe

15 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe of 2020 3

Founded in 2016, Mintos is the unchallenged champion of peer-to-peer lending, housing over 260,000 users. Last year alone, the site attracted over 136.000 new lenders and paid out €45 million in interest in return for their investments. With more than 4.5 billion loans funded through their site, they’re not only the largest player in 2020, but also provide unparalleled conditions for diversification, risk control, and near-complete automatization.

Combining a favourable minimum investment rate of only €10 and a massive loan book with 60+ loan originators for you to chose from, Mintos leaves most competitors staggering far behind and takes the top spot in this ranking of the best peer-to-peer lending platforms in Europe.

  • Type of Investment: Personal loans, car, mortgage, businesses etc.
  • Average interest rate: 11.7%
  • Who can invest: Most nationalities (except UK citizens)
  • Security: Various guarantees (buyback, group guarantee, collateral).
  • Secondary Market: Yes
  • Auto-invest Function: Yes
  • Minimum Investment Amount: Euro 10
  • Currency of Investment: Euro, DKK, NOK, PLN, MXN, and many others
  • Platform Founding Year: 2015
  • Country of Operation: Latvia/Germany

Mintos is known for its easy-to-use platform that’s suitable for both beginners and professionals wishing to make a passive income off peer-to-peer lending or gain exposure the booming credit market. It only takes a few minutes to set up an auto-investment portfolio for buying loan shares and earning interest without requiring your attention.

On top of that, Mintos supports most loan types for investing, including mortgages, car financing, business loans, agricultural loans, and personal loans. Moreover, Mintos utilizes high industry schemes for protecting your investments, requiring most loan originators to either repurchase your share of the debt if the borrower fails to make payments or secure the debt by tangible assets for recovering possible defaults.

In case you want to liquidize your portfolio, you’ll be able to sell off your investment on the secondary market and cash out early. Overall, Mintos checks all the right boxes when it comes to user-design, costumer support, and number of options for diversification across a myriad of asset classes, thus making it a favourite choice for investors worldwide.

EstateGuru: Best Real Estate P2P Platform in Europe

Estateguru - A leading real estate crowdfunding platform in Europe

Founded in 2013, EstateGuru takes the top spot as the best peer-to-peer real-estate lending site through a combination of low risk, above-average yields, and an unmatched deal throughput. Now housing 42,000 users from 106 countries, EstateGuru has grown to become one of the most popular sites for beginners and seasoned professionals for investing in short-term, property-backed loans in Europe.

When it comes to numbers, the company has facilitated close to €200 million in tangible assets between lenders and borrowers, while servicing a monthly loan portfolio of over €10 million from commercial and residential properties that continues to grow exponentially.

As a private investor, you can open an account with as little as €50 and diversify into a wealth of projects from there. With a required minimum deposit that is that low, €1,000 could easily be diversified across 20 independent real estate projects. Coupled with the low buy-in, EstateGuru has an auto-investment tool that can pick up loan shares for you, savings you a ton of time in the long run.

  • Type of Investment: Real Estate
  • ROI: 11.95%
  • Who can register: Anyone with a bank account in one of the EEA member states or Switzerland can sign up cost-free
  • Security: All investments are backed by a mortgage
  • Secondary Market: Yes
  • Auto-invest Function: Yes
  • Minimum Investment Amount: 50 Euro
  • The currency of Investment: Euro
  • Platform Founding Year: 2013
  • Country of Operation: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, and Finland 

Despite having one of the strongest deal flow on the market, no losses have so far been incurred by EstateGuru’s investors. The reason for this is that loans have a conservative loan-to-value ration and are secured against real estate, with a first legal charge or other prior lien on the property.

Meaning that if a borrower defaults, investors will be the first in line to receive proceeds of the sale. Unexpectedly, recouped funds have in some cases exceeded the expected return.

Is Estateguru safe?
Screenshot: All loans on Estateguru are secured by mortgages. Thanks to successful recoveries, investors have lost 0% capital on the platform.

As for transparency, Estateguru gets maximum points. Besides being very open about its own finances and proprietary rating models, the team works closely with regulators across Europe, and has received the Best Practice Label from FinanceEstonia.

Furthermore, EstateGuru provides you with detailed statistics on the performance of its loan book and gives you regular updates on individual loans you might have invested in and performance numbers of your total portfolio.


15 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe of 2020 5

UK-based Ablrate delivers the ultimate mixed bag of business investing. Ever thought you could make money off freight aircraft and fishing boats? Well, now you have the chance.

Initially launched to service the aircraft leasing sector, Ablrate expanded to include more markets but retains a heavy focus on niche businesses that have traditionally been overlooked by the banks.

Rates on Ablrate can go as high as 18%, but most loans return between 10 to 14% per year. As of January 2020, the company has given out £52 million in loans to around 100 businesses in the UK.

They secure all debt against collateral, meaning assets can be auctioned off in case the borrower fails to pay back the loan. Fortunately for all parties, the platform maintains a low historical default rate of only 1.5%

  • Type of Investment: Business, real estate
  • ROI: Up to 18%
  • Who can invest: Anyone with a bank account in the EU, including overseas citizens using Revolut or TransferWise
  • Security: Various assets
  • Secondary Market: Yes
  • Auto-invest Function: No (under development)
  • Minimum Investment Amount: £1
  • Currency of Investment: GBP
  • Platform Founding Year: 2014
  • Country of Operation: UK

Ablrate’s increasing popularity comes with a downside: a slow deal flow, meaning loans get filled very quickly. This boils down to picky vetting and a limited market for high interest loans. Some might thus find the diversification options too limited.

For each loan, Ablrate presents extensive project details, completed with annual reports of the borrower and key information about the attached collateral. You’ll also see that Ablrate values all its lenders equally: The minimum investment is set to £1, and everyone gets a chance to review the project description before the loan goes live.

Blend Network: Best UK Rates For Property Crowdfunding

15 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe of 2020 7

Though a relatively new name to the property crowdfunding scene in the UK, BLEND Network currently offers some of the highest rates on property-secured short-term loans. To illustrate just popular Blend has become, it suffices to say that it funds most loans within a few minutes.

BLEND manages to do so by focusing on medium-sized cities and villages that are underserved by conservative credit institutions, giving them an edge over competitor sites such as Lendinvest and Landbay. However, you’ll still find a wide variety of loan types, such as bridging and development finance, with amortizing or bullet repayments.

BLEND is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an appointed representative of its parent company Resolution Compliance Limited. Its team consists of professionals with substantial experience in the real estate sector and finance world and is headed by Yann Murciano, who previously worked as executive director at Morgan Stanley.

  • Type of Investment: Real Estate
  • ROI: Up to 13%
  • Who can invest: Anyone with an account in the EU (including Revolut and TransferWise).
  • Security: First rank mortgage
  • Secondary Market: Yes
  • Auto-invest Function: Yes
  • Minimum Investment Amount: £1,000
  • Currency of Investment: GBP
  • Platform Founding Year: 2018
  • Country of Operation: UK

Loans on BLEND are primarily to fund real estate developers looking to construct from scratch. However, a big chunk is given to acquire pre-existing buildings with planning to convert to modern residential flats. In both cases, the borrower must provide a first legal charge over property assets as a security for investors.

15 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe of 2020 9
Screenshot: A typical loan you’ll see on Blend Network

BLEND’s niche approach to the UK real estate market has its limits in terms of scalability. Only 1 – 3 new projects are listed each month, so you might want to explore other lenders to create a balanced real estate portfolio. Still, BLEND boasts a flawless track record with no defaulted loans, and it will be interesting to follow its future progress and development.


Founded in 2009, Twino boasts a long a proven track record in the funding of short-term loans. Since inception, the platform has issued close to €1 billion worth of credit, making it difficult to avoid for anyone looking to start with to peer-to-peer investing. Moreover, Twino now employs hundreds of people in Europe and Asia, the company has won multiple rewards in the fintech sector.

Investing with this platform is super easy, and you can diversify across as many loan applications as you like without any fees. Once invested, you start receiving repayments with interest directly in your investment account on the platform. You can also reinvest your earnings into additional loans automatically. The minimum investment amount is one of the lowest at just 10 Euros. 

  • Type of Investment: Loan
  • ROI: 10% or more
  • Security: Varies
  • Secondary Market: No
  • Auto-invest Function: Yes
  • Minimum Investment Amount: Euro 10
  • Currency of Investment: Euro, GBP
  • Platform Founding Year: 2009
  • Country of Operation: Latvia

Twino mainly focuses on emerging markets. They started off in Latvia but have since expanded lending services to other countries, including Poland, Spain, Denmark, Georgia, Russia, and Kazakhstan. The loans are generally categorized as unsecured consumer loans, invoice financing, and business loans. SME loans and invoice loans are generally low risk. Some of these loans have a buyback or personal guarantees. 


15 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe of 2020 11

Based out of Riga, Latvia, PeerBerry grabs another top spot this year for providing an all-around slick investment experience with well-balanced risk mitigation.

With more than 17,000 active users and 20 loan originators to chose from, PeerBerry has grown to become one of the most popular peer-to-peer lending platforms in Europe that continues to perform and deliver excellent returns to its growing user base.

Peerberry offers short and long term loans with buyback guarantee as a default security mechanism. Loans can be bought manually, but most people opt for the low-maintenance auto-investment tool, configurable according to your desired criteria.

On top of this, Peerberry has low minimum investment requirement along with excellent options for diversifying beyond personal loans into collateralized asset-classes like real estate and automobiles.

  • Type of Investment: Personal loans, real estate, vehicles, business
  • ROI: Up to 13.7%
  • Who can invest: Individuals and companies with a bank account in the EU
  • Security: Buyback, various collateral types
  • Secondary Market: No
  • Auto-invest Function: Yes
  • Minimum Investment Amount: Euro 10
  • Currency of Investment: Euro
  • Platform Founding Year: 2017
  • Country of Operation: Latvia

If you’re searching for a platform that offers high levels of transparency about its loan originators and individual borrowers, then Peerberry might be the right choice for you. The website presents key financial figures for every lender with quarterly updates, including revenue numbers and amount of issued and overdue debt.

For individual loans, Peerberry also summarizes the most important credit details for you to assess, such as LTV, collateral valuation, and repayment schedule, thus giving you a benchmark for assessing the loan quality. Like so:

15 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe of 2020 13
Screenshot: Collateralized car loan from Peerberry with 13% interest rate.

When it comes to securing your money, most loan originators on PeerBerry are obligated to buy back your investment, were the borrower to default on his or her payments.

Keep in mind that the large majority of credit refinanced through the platform originates from the Aventus Group, which brings a certain level of risk from the side of the originator. That said, The Aventus Group netted a profit last year of €12,6 million, so the immediate risk seems quite low for now.

Iuvo Group

15 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe of 2020 15

Iuvo is one of the largest peer-to-peer lending sites in Europe, which has become a pillar of importance in this sector putting a heavy emphasis on personal loans and business loans. Being one of the few credit intermediaries to be audited by Grant Thorton and hold an official licence by the national financial supervision authority, Iuvo managed to grow its user base by 82% last year and broker €100 million worth of loans.

Like Mintos, Iuvo provides easy access to a variety of investment tools for you to explore. With this platform, you’ll get the industry-standard peer-to-peer lending package with buyback guarantee on delayed payments, rates from 5-15%, primary and secondary markets, as well as other well-known features and functionalities to put your money to good use and spread it across a number of credit originators.

  • Type of Investment: Consumer, business, vehicles, mortgages
  • ROI: Up to 15%
  • Who can invest: Anyone with a bank account within the European Union or third countries that are currently considered as having equivalent AML/CFT systems to the EU.
  • Security: Buyback, various assets
  • Secondary Market: Yes
  • Auto-invest Function: Yes
  • Minimum Investment Amount: 10 Euro
  • The currency of Investment: BGN, EUR, RON
  • Platform Founding Year: 2016
  • Country of Operation: Estonia

The majority owner of Iuvo is the Management Financial Group (MFG), a holding company specialized in the field of non-bank financial services in Eastern Europe, employing a total of over 8,000 people in Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, Poland and North Macedonia.

It should also be noted that Iuvo’s loan originators are regulated companies overseen by the banking authorities in their respective home countries. Additionally, most are profitable businesses with the latest financial report available for you to view. Loan originators also keep around 20-30% skin in the game, a relatively high number indicating compared to other platforms.

15 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe of 2020 17
Screenshot: View of the Iuvo primary market

Besides that, if the borrower turns out to be a defaulter, loan originators provide investors a complete buyback option to repurchase their loan share. Meaning, you won’t lose money in case the borrower fails to meet his obligations. Also, Iuvo has an efficient auto investment robot tunable with multiple strategies, reporting tool for your yearly taxes and a secondary market for a quick exit strategy.


15 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe of 2020 19

Launched in 2016, Bulkestate provides a highly accessible platform to get into double-digit real estate investing with small amounts of money.

The primary benefit for BulkEstate’s 20,000 users – a hand-picked number of high-street properties from the Latvian capital of Riga with conservative LTV and returns up to 15% per year. Note that BulkEstate is licensed as a financial institution and regulated by commercial legislation of Estonia and the European Union.

Like most cities of the former Soviet states, the Latvian real estate market has long been underserviced, with the effect that its growth potential is much higher than in Western Europe. Because of that, interest rates in the range of 12 – 16% are not unheard of. In fact, it’s the norm.

  • Type of Investment: Real estate, bulk buying
  • ROI: Up to 15% per year
  • Security: First or second rank mortgage
  • Secondary Market: No
  • Auto-invest Function: Yes
  • Minimum Investment Amount: 50 Euro
  • The currency of Investment: Euro
  • Platform Founding Year: 2016
  • Country of Operation: Estonia, Latvia

However, BulkEstate is not in the market for brutalist-style, depressing architecture. No, they’re almost solely targeting historical buildings constructed before the Soviet era, as for example in the beautiful style of art nouveau:

15 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe of 2020 21
Screenshot: Beautiful residential building in the heart of Riga

For the true high rollers, BulkEstate arranges group-buying programs of flats and residential properties at lower rates than the average market price. Given the rising housing prices in the Baltics, this gives you the option to hold and flip the property or rent it out to generate a regular income.

The downside to it all is that loans get filled up very quickly. And given the narrow focus of the platform, the deal flow also runs much slower than on Estateguru. But if you’re looking for a company that prefers quality to quantity and performs picky due diligence on each object before listing it, Bulkestate is worth continuing with.


15 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe of 2020 23

With an increasingly growing number of peer-to-peer lending platforms in Europe, you might want to stop and take a closer look at what Swaper has in store. Though still a relatively small player with merely 3,000 investors, Swaper tries to differentiate themselves with a unique product: a fixed yearly rate of 12% and the opportunity to make that 14%, if you’re willing to stake minimum €5,000 on the platform.

Swaper runs a versatile yet simple-to-use website for anyone located in EEA looking to invest in short-term consumer loans. As on most sites, Swaper gives you the option to hand-pick your investments loan-by-loan, but you’d most likely want let the auto-investor buy shares for you instead.

Following industry-standards, your investments are covered by a buyback guarantee issued by the loan originators of the platform. It kicks in after a short by 30 days delay, whereupon the principal and interest gets allotted to your account automatically. That said, you might be interest to know that Swaper was created by the Wadoo Finance Group, an alternative finance provider, and that the large majority of credit on Swaper originate from this group.

  • Type of Investment: Consumer Loans
  • ROI: 12%
  • Security: Yes 
  • Secondary Market: Yes
  • Auto-invest Function: Yes
  • Minimum Investment Amount: 10 Euro
  • The currency of Investment: Euros
  • Platform Founding Year: 2016
  • Country of Operation: Estonia

In terms of keeping up with demands, Swaper sometimes suffers from its own success: From time to time, users report issues getting their funds fully invested, causing some unfortunate cash-drag. While an excellent option for short term loans, Swaper needs to improve in this regard and attract more credit providers. However, with juicy annual returns going as high as 14%, you might just give this platform a shot.


15 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe of 2020 25

Prague-based Bondster provides a first-class alternative to the Baltic and British lending sphere. The platform offers a versatile range of functionalities to invest in secured peer-to-peer and peer-to-business deals with great returns in exchange.

Bondster operates in full accordance with industry standards with full transparency over its loan originators, ownership structure, and security measures, thus giving you a clear view of how the portal operates and protect your money.

  • Type of Investment: Loan
  • ROI: Up to 14%
  • Who can invest: Anyone with a bank account within the European Union.
  • Security: Asset, buyback guarantee
  • Secondary Market: Loans can be sold back at a fee
  • Auto-invest Function: Yes
  • Minimum Investment Amount: 5 Euro
  • Currency of Investment: Euro
  • Platform Founding Year: 2017
  • Country of Operation: Czech Republic

Bondster works with multiple independent loan originators from within the Czech Republic and elsewhere, including the largest native mortgage lender ACEMA Credit.

Loans have different interest rates, repayment terms, and risk classes; rates for property and business deals are lower but backed by real estate or similar physical collateral to fall back on, while personal loans usually come with a buyback guarantee. Some borrowers also put their house, car or flat up as collateral.

As a rule of thumb, lower rates equal higher creditworthiness and lower risk class. Here’s a screenshot illustrating the real estate deals on the website:

15 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe of 2020 27

While giving the promise of a Czech-focused market, most loans unfortunately originate outside the republic. However, Bondster gets the 11th place for its high-interest real estate deals. The website also has one of the lowest minimum investment requirements for property lending in Europe, just 5 Euro, meaning you’ll be able to diversify across multiple different properties without risking any big amount.

Anyone 18 or older can sign up to Bondster, provided they have a bank account within the European Union, including international lenders with a Revolut or Transferwise account.


Founded by the non-bank lender VIA SMS Group, ViaInvest is a heavy-weight peer-to-peer lending platform in Europe, where you can make up to 11% return on your investment. Today, VIA SMS staffs over 200 people in Europe and Asia, and the company has issued a total of €91M worth of loans.


15 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe of 2020 29

If you’re looking for high yield business and real estate investment opportunities, then Crowdestor is the place to go. This one-stop shop for peer-to-business lending has gained serious momentum over the past years and is quickly becoming an integral part of many investors’ portfolio.

  • Type of Investment: Business, real estate
  • ROI: Up to 20%
  • Who can invest: Anyone with an EU-based bank account, including overseas citizens using Revolut or TransferWise
  • Security: Depends on project
  • Secondary Market: No
  • Auto-invest Function: No (under development)
  • Minimum Investment Amount: Euro 50
  • Currency of Investment: Euro
  • Platform Founding Year: 2017
  • Country of Operation: Latvia, Estonia

With Crowdestor, you’ll get yearly returns from 12 to 20% by lending to various niche-markets. That’s why unique projects like these get funded within 12 hours:

15 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe of 2020 31
Crowdestor projects examples

Crowdestor remains the first choice for those willing to accept the risks that come with SME lending. However, the platform does it best to protect its investors. It co-finances all projects with its users, giving some assurance about the quality of the projects.

Besides the traditional asset security on each loan, Crowdestor provides you with extra coverage through its growing provision fund. This adds a layer of protection against capital loss. Furthermore, all funds are held by a separate company, leaving your investments intact in case Crowdestor should go sour.

Is CrowdEstor safe?
Screenshot from a real estate deal on Crowdestor showing its two-layer security: The provision fund plus a pledge on the building

For each loan, you’ll find a detailed description, clubbed with charts and precise market insights that help you to make informed investment decisions. Some areas still leave room for improvement, but Crowdestor stands as on the best peer-to-peer lending platforms in Europe in 2020.

October (Lendix)

October is a leading lending marketplace for SME loans in France. The loans on this platform help new and growing businesses scale up and increase their revenue. These companies are selected after a rigorous analysis ensuring that lenders have access to only the most promising companies. The team behind the platform itself is an active investor. Most of these SMEs are also being funded by government organizations and institutional lenders. Based in France, the platform hosts SMEs from some other countries as well, including the Netherlands, Italy, and Spain.

  • Type of Investment: Loan
  • ROI: Up to 9.9%
  • Security: No
  • Secondary Market: No
  • Auto-invest Function: Yes
  • Minimum Investment Amount: Euro 20
  • Currency of Investment: Euro
  • Platform Founding Year: 2014
  • Country of Operation: France

Starting lending on this platform is pretty simple. You have to provide ID, residential proof, and bank details. The most you can invest in a single project is 2000 Euros. It is also open to institutional lenders. However, the investment is done automatically to all the projects for institutional investors. Monthly repayments with interest are made from the time you lend money. Tax is withheld on the interest for the resident of the participating countries. As an investor, you get regular updates, and you can manage everything on the go. 


Rendity Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform in Austria

If you’ve ever visited Vienna, you’ll agree that it is a magical place. However, you probably didn’t know that you could invest in the bricks and mortar of this beautiful city for small amounts of money.

The fully regulated and authorised peer-to-peer lending platform Rendity presents an opportunity to lend to Austrian real estate developers. At the same time, it gives you the chance to buy into residential properties and generate stable rental income from tenants.

Rendity is run by a team of young IT-educated entrepreneurs with business acumen from the banking world. It takes a top spot in our list not solely because of its slick design and hassle-free user experience but also because of the large amount of high-quality deals available for investment.

  • Type of Investment: Real estate
  • ROI: up to 7% per annum
  • English: Yes
  • Open to: Anyone with a SEPA (European) bank account, and companies with a bank account within the European Union (EU).
  • Security: Asset
  • Secondary Market: Yes
  • Auto-invest Function: No
  • Minimum Investment Amount: 1000 Euro for each property
  • Currency of Investment: Euro
  • Platform Founding Year: 2015
  • Country of Operation: Austria, Germany

The company offers two paths into the Austrian real estate market: Rendity Income (buy-to-let) and Rendity Credity (development loans). Whatever product you prefer, getting started on the platform is pretty straightforward. First, you top up your account by bank transfer or credit card with €500 as a minimum, then you select the loan that fits your profile.

With Rendity, you’ll be investing alongside institutional creditors such as banks who finance around 80% of the total cost. Project descriptions are fully available in English for you to review and presented in a clear and understandable way, including a breakdown of the cost and financing structure.

Debitum Network

Debitum Network is a platform from Latvia for investing in small businesses. It is the first platform that uses unified credit scores to help investors choose the assets they want to invest in. On top of that, most business loans have some sort of collateral. Some originators of the loan also give a Buyback guarantee. Investors can shake up their asset risk levels to diversify their investments. This platform is decentralized and uses third-party services as well. Only 10% of the loans make it on to the platform after several levels of assessments. 

  • Type of Investment: Business Loan
  • ROI: 8.69% pa on average
  • Security: Varies
  • Secondary Market: No
  • Auto-invest Function: Yes
  • Minimum Investment Amount: Euro 10
  • Currency of Investment: Euro
  • Platform Founding Year: 2017
  • Country of Operation: Latvia

The loans originate from European countries mainly. You can find all the details about a particular loan, including the originator, loan type, and potential returns. Some of the campaigns also offer cashback returns as a bonus. The default rate is almost zero, while the buyback rate has been just 0.9%. If repayments are late, you get more returns as the lenders are charged a penalty. You can set up the auto-invest feature to invest for you as more assets are added on the platform.

Trine: Best Green P2P Platform

15 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe of 2020 33

In 2020, green is the new black. It might sound too good to be true, but caring about mother nature and helping people while turning a profit has never been easier. In fact, more and more platforms are now making it possible to invest ethically. Currently, Swedish Trine delivers one of the best green-investing packages for Europeans, with 7-10% returns from solar-panel projects in Africa, an excellent track record, as well as financial backing from the Swedish government.

  • Type of Investment: Green energy
  • ROI: 7-11%
  • Security: No
  • Secondary Market: No
  • Auto-invest Function: Yes
  • Minimum Investment Amount: Euro 25
  • Currency of Investment: Euro
  • Platform Founding Year: 2016
  • Country of Operation: Sweden

By leveraging modern crowdfunding methods, Trine finances off-grid solar panels in Africa, thereby bringing electricity to remote locations. Their efforts have secured electricity to millions of people while positively impacting investors’ savings. Once you’ve joined the platform, you can view the opportunities and start investing in solar energy with as little as €25.

15 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe of 2020 35
Profit-generating solar projects in Africa on the Trine crowdfunding platform.

Each project is different in terms of its loan conditions (interest and maturity), risk rating, and environmental impact. You can set up an automatic investment profile which allocates a certain amount every month (the minimum is €50). When it comes to mitigating risks, Trine only contracts experienced local companies to install and maintain solar grids. Furthermore, the Swedish International Development Agency provides investment protection, guaranteeing part of your investment will be returned in case of default.

15 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe of 2020 37
Stats from the Trine, a green European crowdfunding platform.

Investing green won’t buy you a clean consciousness, but reducing the world’s overall carbon footprint can be a step in the right direction. Trine solves the problem of low returns with which many ethically investors are struggling. This spectacular combination makes Trine the No. 1 overall green peer-to-peer lending platform in Europe for 2020.


15 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe of 2020 39

Operating since 2015, Viventor makes for one of the most flexible peer-to-peer and SME lending platforms in Europe with zero fees and loan deals from all over the European continent. What makes this marketplace unique is that it hosts a geographically broad selection of loan originators for you to review, hailing from Spain to Lithuania.

Though Viventor is best known for its consumer loans, you might want to pay attention to the alternative offers on the marketplace: mortgage-secured credit, business loans, and invoice financing. Another interesting feature about this platform is that it has a demo available that walks you through all the tools even before you register.

  • Type of Investment: Personal loans, real estate, business, line credit, invoice financing, pawn broking
  • ROI: Up to 16%
  • Who can invest: Anyone with a bank account within the EEA
  • Security: Buyback or collateral
  • Secondary Market: Yes
  • Auto-invest Function: Yes
  • Minimum Investment Amount: Euro 50
  • Currency of Investment: Euro
  • Platform Founding Year: 2015
  • Country of Operation: Latvia

Viventor saw its beginning in Spain with the major non-bank lender Prestamos Prima but now belongs to the Finstar Financial Group that is based in Russia and headed by billionaire Oleg Boyko. Today, Viventor is run by locals in Latvia and the company expects to break even next year. Having only approximately 7,500 users, the site is still small comparable to Mintos. However, you’ll find 20 loan originators to chose from, all of whom keep around 5% skin in the game.

Returns and loan terms vary for each deal; there are large-scale real estate loans back by collateral, while business, personal and other types of loans usually come with a buyback guarantee.

Here’s a glance of the lively primary market for you to get an idea:

15 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe of 2020 41
Screenshot from Viventor

Similar to Mintos, Viventor operates a highly configurable and flexible auto invest function that can be set according to your criteria. However, make sure you understand the financial background and solvency of each loan originator before you let the allocator run everything for you. Once you feel comfortable with your selection, you won’t have to spend time looking at the details of each loan.

Overall, Viventor is an easy-to-use website with a large array of lending options for you to diversify across, making it one of the best peer-to-peer lending platforms in Europe.


15 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe of 2020 43

If consumer lending is your primary focus, Lendermarket is where you want to go. Lendermarket is the newly-launched creation of the Creditstar Group – one of Europe’s longest standing alternative finance companies with 12 years of experience, 850,000 costumers, and assets worth €90 million to show for.

The primary appeal of LenderMarket? A fixed interest rate at 12% with buyback guarantees on all loans and a big profitable group behind them.

Creditstar originally launched on Mintos back in 2016 but later saw a potential in creating its own platform. Given that the group issues around 100K microloans every year, it made sense for Creditstar to aggregate all credit from its subsidiaries into one place.

  • Type of Investment: Consumer loans
  • ROI: 12%
  • Who can invest: Anyone with a bank account within the EEA, including Revolut and TransferWise
  • Security: Buyback
  • Secondary Market: No
  • Auto-invest Function: Yes
  • Minimum Investment Amount: €10
  • Currency of Investment: EUR
  • Platform Founding Year: 2019/2006
  • Country of Operation: Multiple countries in Europe, HQ in Estonia

First and foremost, Creditstar seeks to provide credit solutions for the growing consumer market. These, then, are the brought to Lendermarket for refinancing with the help of retail lenders looking to score premium returns for their long og short-term commitment to the site.

15 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe of 2020 45
Screenshot: LenderMarket loanbook

Fellow Finance

Claiming €584M worth of financed loans, Fellow Finance takes a position as the leading Nordic crowdfunding platform for peer-to-peer investing. Based in Finland, Fellow Finance is regulated by the Finnish Financial Supervisory and listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland, making it transparent on every level and ensuring the money goes to creditworthy companies and individuals. 

You can simply create an account and start investing manually in business or personal loans. Alternatively, you can sign up for an automatic investment allocator. You receive monthly repayments with interest. You also have the ability to sell off the loan on the secondary market.

  • Type of Investment: Loan
  • ROI: Varies by loan
  • Security: Varies
  • Secondary Market: Yes
  • Auto-invest Function: Yes
  • Minimum Investment Amount: Euro 25/Eur 100
  • Currency of Investment: Euro
  • Platform Founding Year: 2013
  • Country of Operation: Finland

Once you sign up, you can go through the portfolio of investment opportunities. The conditions of the loans vary. As a result, interest rates and maturity terms also vary. The fee is borne by the borrower.

Investors can instantly calculate how much money they will make over the years with their investments.


15 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe of 2020 47

If lending with one of UK’s largest property crowdfunders sounds appealing, then CrowdProperty might be the right choice for your needs.

CrowdProperty (not to be confused with Property Crowd) is an FCA regulated large-scale real estate crowdfunding platform that has seen a 100% capital payback. Not only that, the company has funded over £155m worth of property, enabling the build of over 900 homes across the UK.

The main appeal of CrowdProperty: real estate projects with returns of up to 8% per year with a first-rank mortgage as security. Besides that, most loans have a conservative LTV below 70%, with a short repayment schedule of 6 to 24 months.

While UK-based investors lend through their IFISA or SIPP and enjoy tax exemptions, any individual above 18 with proof identity and address within the EU can lend with CrowdProperty.

  • Type of Investment: Real Estate
  • ROI: Up to 8%
  • Who can invest: Most European nationalities with an account in the UK (including free UK accounts like Revolut and TransferWise)
  • Security: Mortgage
  • Secondary Market: No
  • Auto-invest Function: Yes
  • Minimum Investment Amount: GBP 500
  • Currency of Investment: GBP
  • Platform Founding Year: 2014
  • Country of Operation: UK

All credit is secured with a first legal charge on the property or land, thus putting CrowdProperty investors first in line to receive in case the security were to be sold off. However, there has been no loan bad debt and investors have suffered no losses.

Despite having strict criteria for borrowers, the website produces an excellent deal flow with 5 to 10 loans per months, making it relatively quick and easy to spread your portfolio across multiple projects.

When it comes to transparency, CrowdProperty scores high on several key parameters. Loan details become public before the loan goes live and the management team hosts online webinars for potential investors to answer any questions they might have.

The website has experienced a steep increase in popularity and now has around 9,000 active lenders registered. The downside to all this popularity is that loans get fully funded within 10 minutes. Fortunately, there’s an auto-investment function available to place bids for you, ensuring every interested party gets a piece of the pie.

If you’re looking for an easy way into the UK property market and despise fees, CrowdProperty might be what you’re looking for.

The House Crowd

15 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe of 2020 49

Operating in the UK since 2012, The House Crowd is an FCA regulated real estate crowdfunding platform that has raised close to £100m and completed around 250 projects. If you’re looking for a licensed site with long-standing expertise in the property sector and complaint with all the rules of the UK, The House Crowd is probably what you’re after.

Lending on The House Crowd requires a healthy minimum deposit of £1,000. However, you’ll be given the option to use one of their auto-investment products which automatically spreads out your money evenly across multiple properties. Still, hand-picking loans manually will let you select the more profitable and secure deals, often with 10% interest and senior debt protection.

  • Type of Investment: Commercial real estate
  • ROI: Up to 10%
  • Who can invest: Residents of other countries than the UK are accepted on a case by case basis.
  • Security: Mortgage
  • Secondary Market: No
  • Auto-invest Function: Yes
  • Minimum Investment Amount: GBP 1,000
  • Currency of Investment: GBP
  • Platform Founding Year: 2012
  • Country of Operation: UK

According to the statistics page and FAQ section of the House Crowd, investors have suffered no losses on any of its peer-to-peer loans, development loans or assured rental products. While this would indicate the team handles defaults well, please note that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

15 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe of 2020 51
Screenshot: Double-digit development loan on thehousecrowd

There are three types of real estate investments available on The House Crowd: (1) Secured peer-to-peer lending, where you let the platform spread your investment across multiple projects for you. (2) Property development lending, which is basically the manual option. (3) Mezzanine financing, where you’ll help cover the gap between the total funding amount and the contribution of the bank.

Property Bridges

Property Bridges Review - Ireland

Launched in 2018, Property Bridges claims to be on “a mission to reshape property finance”. Despite being a relative newcomer to the real estate crowdfunding scene, Property Bridges is one of the few sites in Europe where you can lend to the Irish property developers as a private investor. As such, it shouldn’t come as any major surprise that the sites has gained widespread popularity during its short lifespan and continues to grow larger.

Property Bridges is headed by a team of former bankers who are partnering up with big corporate players to bring real estate investing to the masses. Their goal is to help companies in the development sector find additional funding on top of bank loans. Lenders from Ireland and abroad can create an account and start investing from €500 as minimum, given they pass the necessary KYC and AML checks.

  • Type of Investment: Real Estate
  • ROI: 8-10%
  • Security: Asset
  • Secondary Market: No
  • Auto-invest Function: No
  • Minimum Investment Amount: Euro 500
  • Currency of Investment: Euro
  • Platform Founding Year: 2018
  • Country of Operation: Ireland

Having the Irish National Digital Research Centre (NDRC) and Enterprise Ireland as key stakeholders in the business, the company boasts of a simple and elegant website that helps you keep track of your portfolio. It offers a growing selection of development, bridging and refurbishing loans from residential and commercial property for you to select between.

The loan term varies by each project listed, with some as short as 7 months. Most projects return at least 8% on your investment, which are paid out at the end of the loan term along with your initial deposit. As is standard in the sector, loans are secured against property. Investors do not pay any fee to the platform and can start with just 500 Euros.


Property Crowd is a real estate investment platform in the UK. It issues bonds to investors for their investment in the properties listed. Joining the platform is easy and takes about 10 minutes. The properties listed also have institutional lenders investing.

These bond-backed loans are also eligible for IFISA and SIPP. You can get tax-free returns for investments up to 20,000 GBP. This platform offers very detailed investment reports to its investors. 

  • Type of Investment: Real Estate
  • ROI: Up to 11%
  • Security: Asset
  • Secondary Market: No
  • Auto-invest Function: No
  • Minimum Investment Amount: GBP 900
  • Currency of Investment: GBP, USD, Euro
  • Platform Founding Year: 2013
  • Country of Operation: UK

There are three opportunities for investors: senior debt, mezzanine debt, and equity. It is essentially open to institutional investors and high net worth individuals. As an investor, you have access to the Deal Room, where you can directly engage with the real estate borrowers. Terms can vary from short-term to long-term. The return can be up to 11% per year. The minimum investment requirement is 10 bonds, which is roughly 900 GBP. It is not just limited to UK residents. However, US citizens and residents cannot invest on the platform. 


Landlord Invest is a P2P platform in the UK that provides real estate investment opportunities connecting investors with landlords around the country.

They select the landlords based on their performance with the properties and not the credit score. This essentially allows more landlords to find funding through crowd investing. Investors, on the other hand, receive monthly interest.

All the loans that you invest in are backed by real estate. It also offers tax-free ISA wrapper for your investments. 

  • Type of Investment: Real Estate
  • ROI: Up to 12%
  • Security: Asset
  • Secondary Market: Yes
  • Auto-invest Function: No
  • Minimum Investment Amount: GBP 100
  • Currency of Investment: GBP
  • Platform Founding Year: 2014
  • Country of Operation: UK

Based in London, the platform has processed over 8 Million GBP in loans. You can manually select the loans you want to invest in. The terms can range from 6 months to 12 months.

Aside from the loan and property information, you can also see risk ratings. You have a secondary market on the platform where you can easily sell your loan share. An administration fee of 0.25% is charged. Some loans are second-charge loans.

PropLend: Best For UK Commercial Property

15 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe of 2020 53

Being one of the largest commercial real estate lenders in the UK, PropLend offers high net worth individuals a chance to put their money into tenanted properties against a minimum investment of £1,000. This alternative finance provider has issued approximately £160m worth of credit and attracted a high number of users in recent years.

  • Type of Investment: Commercial real estate
  • ROI: Up to 12%
  • Who can invest: Residents of other countries than the UK are accepted on a case by case basis.
  • Security: Mortgage
  • Secondary Market: No
  • Auto-invest Function: Yes
  • Minimum Investment Amount: GBP 1,000
  • Currency of Investment: GBP
  • Platform Founding Year: 2014
  • Country of Operation: UK

Returns range from 5-12% per year, making them highly competitive among the many UK real estate sites. Some features you might like is that Proplend takes a first legal charge all loans as security and most LTV’s range from 50-75%, aking the deals relatively low-risk.

That said, Proplend primarily caters to a certain group of investors with sufficient time and money to hand-pick loans. The high entry bar makes it difficult to diversify your capital and requires you to trust sufficiently in individual projects.

Linked Finance

Linked Finance is a leading P2P lending platform in Ireland. It provides lenders with the opportunity to invest in Irish businesses for lucrative gains. The companies you lend to have a wide array of services and products.

Linked Finance acts as an administrator of the loans, while you reap the benefits. The business can borrow up to 300,000 Euros. The loan transfers as quickly as in 24 hours. The platform is incredibly easy to use with the Autobid tool to choose the best loans to put your money into. 

  • Type of Investment: Loan
  • ROI: Up to 17.5%
  • Security: None
  • Secondary Market: No
  • Auto-invest Function: Yes
  • Minimum Investment Amount: Euro 50
  • Currency of Investment: Euro
  • Platform Founding Year: 2013
  • Country of Operation: Ireland

Tens of thousands of Irish residents are already using the platform to invest their savings. With new businesses being added, investors can diversify their portfolio by investing in different loans. The interest rate varies by each company, and the maturity duration can be up to 36 months.

The platform offers full transparency to both lenders and borrowers. They ensure that the companies borrowing are registered with the relevant authority and have a good credit rating. The companies use the money to grow their business and help supplement the Irish economy. 


Bolden is a crowd investing platform from France to invest in SMEs. They connect growing companies in France with micro investors from France and some other countries. The minimum investment amount is incredibly low, and borrower companies are chosen carefully, ensuring they have decent creditworthiness.

The available loans are unsecured, but the default rates are very low. The loans are rated from A to E, and the estimated default rate ranges from 0.4% to 2.3% based on the risk rating.

  • Type: P2P Business Lending
  • Launched: 2014
  • Headquarters: France
  • Average return: 7.25%
  • Minimum investment: 20 EUR
  • Currencies: EUR
  • Fees: no
  • Secondary market: no
  • Auto-invest: yes
  • Accepts investors from: EEA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore (no US)
  • Loan types: Business
  • Loan securities: no
  • Loan terms: 1-5 years
  • Bonus: 30 EUR when you invest 250 EUR

The loans to companies on Bolden usually have a maturity term of 1 to 5 years. Bolden has high ratings on Trustpilot. The team behind it has many years of experience in finance and technology.

The repayment is spread over the duration of the maturity term. The rate of return varies for each SME listed on the platform. It’s very easy to use, as all the information you need to invest in a business is there. 

Peer-to-Peer Lending in Europe: FAQ

What is Peer-to-Peer lending?

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is a multi-billion alternative finance industry aiming to connect borrowers with lenders (investors) directly by means of online services. In Europe, peer-to-peer lending platforms aggregate loans from multiple creditors into one space, where lenders are matched with borrowers according to their risk-profile and other relevant criteria. For investors, European peer-to-peer lending platforms offer an opportunity to receive high returns on investments, as well as the option to create a fixed passive income source.

How does P2P lending work?

Here is a simple breakdown of how peer lending works:

First, an alternative finance provider lends out money to a person or company in need of credit. Next, the company takes the loan contract underwritten by the borrower to a peer-to-peer lending platform for individuals and companies to invest in the loan. The creditor does this to free up capital in the company in order to issue more loans.

During the process, investors sign a contract, that is usually generated automatically by the platform, between themselves and the borrower. This way, the investor holds a claim directly against the debt of the borrower, who promises to pay back the loaned amount with interest. Lastly, when the borrower pays back the money to the creditor, the money is sent on to the investors of the platform.

What kind of loans can I invest in?

In essence, there are three basic types of peer-to-peer loans to invest in: Consumer loans, real estate loans, and business loans.

What are loans for real estate?

If you want to invest in loans for real estate, you want to explore the concept of ‘real estate crowdfunding’. This is a new and rewarding type of investment choice that connects private investors with real estate developers.

Investing in loans for property is usually more secure than personal loans, as these loans are collateralized, meaning the borrower pledges an asset as security to the lender in the case that the borrower fails to pay back the borrowed amount. Investing in collateralized property loans give lenders a higher level of reassurance against failed project, as the pledged asset will be sold off to get back the lost value.

What are bridge loans?

Investing in bridge loans falls under the category of loans for property. Bridge loans is a type of short-term loan, usually given to a company, until it secures financing through a bank at a lower interest rate. That said, investing in bridge loans are usually as rewarding as investing in real estate development loans, as bridge loans have high interest rates.

Are personal and micro loans a good investment?

Investing in personal loans or micro loans is a straight-forward process that can be highly rewarding with the right amount of planning. Personal loans and micro loans can return up to 16% per year on the investment and often produce a monthly yield, making them great for a short-term portfolio.

Is P2P lending ethical?

Personal come with a number of ethical downsides that are worth considering before jumping in, including extreme interest rates charged to borrowers. Some might find it more comfortable to invest money in real estate or small business loans.

What is P2B Lending?

If you’re looking to invest in small business loans, one of the easiest ways to make money off small business loans comes through the method of peer-to-business lending. Though often not considered as safe as investing in property loans, small business loans mostly have higher returns. That said, business loans can also be collateralized which will decrease the overall risk of losing money.

Is P2P lending safe?

Like all types of investments, the safety of peer-to-peer lending depends on your risk-willingness and ability to do proper research. Experts often suggest that new investors start off by buying a couple of loan shares with conservative rates, and not walk headlong into something they don’t fully understand. To put it differently, don’t lend all your money to one single borrower, and hedge your stake by investing small amounts in multiple independent loans on different platforms.

What are the risks of P2P lending

Investment risk varies among different asset classes in peer-to-peer lending. In general, experts consider collateralized loans, such as mortgage-backed real estate loans and business loans, more secure than short-term personal loans. However, there are more factors to keep in mind when investing loan shares:Lack of diversification, borrower defaults, loan originator (creditor) goes bankrupt, platform goes bust, risk of fraud.

Is P2P lending regulated in Europe?

The European Union is working on a common regulatory framework for peer-to-peer lending for all its member states. Until then, peer-to-peer lending activities are regulated by the individual countries. It is mostly the local financial conduct authority or national bank who regulates and authorises peer-to-peer lending platforms, like the FCA in the UK and AMF in France. However, some countries have no specific licence for peer-to-peer lending, such as Estonia.

What is the current state of P2P lending in Europe?

During the course of the last ten years, an increasingly large amount of alternative finance providers have cropped up in Europe. In fact, a major study conducted by researchers at Cambridge University showed that the European online alternative finance market grew by 36% to reach €10.44 billion in 2017.
That said, it shouldn’t come as a major surprise that consumer lending plays a major role in driving the industry numbers forward. Retail credit underwritten online shot up by close to 100%, and the rising number of loans seem to have no immediate end in sight.