Advertiser Disclosure

Updated 20-08-2020 helps investors find the right platform for their needs by spending thousands of hours testing and comparing investment services across the world. All our content is made free of charge to you. In our effort to keep it that way, we would like to be transparent about how we keep the site running and deliver the best possible experience and keep our content as up-to-date as possible.

Many of our partners compensate us through advertising, primarily through affiliate programs. When we have an affiliate partnership with a product owner, we may receive financial compensation when you decide to sign up for the product or invest on the platform. While this may influence what brands we choose to mention it does not affect our evaluations of them. Advertisers cannot pay us to alter our content, nor our ratings or recommendations.’s recommendations are unbiased and adheres to a professional reviewing methodology.

If we think a product is great, we’ll recommend it and include it in our ratings regardless even if we don’t have a commercial relationship with the product owner. If we believe a product is bad, we’ll give it a poor score and highlight the negatives, even if we the advertiser pays us. While we do our best to review all noteworthy products within a category, we do not have time or resources to review all products available in a given category.