About Lucas Peterson

Lucas Peterson, a pen name for privacy reasons, is the owner of Ampleinvest.com. He’s an investor and expert finance writer with over 10 years of real-life experience. After graduating with a master’s degree from a renowned university, he served in the financial publishing industry in his European home country. He now spends his time writing about investments, managing his real estate portfolio, and occasionally speculating on cryptocurrencies.

Lucas plans to reach financial independence at age 35 through his investments in undervalued real estate. Despite having the financial security to not work full time anymore, he’s keen on helping everyday investors by delivering in-depth analyses of stock brokers, real estate platforms, and cryptocurrency companies.

Risk profile

I used to have a very high risk tolerance for speculative investments but I’m now a more conservative investor who prefers to preserve capital more than stretching my limits for a few points of additional returns. Finding out that real estate investing was not only profitable and secure, but also a fun activity to get into, I started building a portfolio of buy-to-let properties in medium-sized cities, which I plan to flip when the market is ripe.