Welcome to Ampleinvest, a financial blog aimed at helping everyday Europeans invest and trade more wisely. The site was founded in 2019 on the principles that rigorous testing and researching should underline every step of our editorial review process in finding the best investment sites and brokerages for stocks, ETFs, cryptoassets, and real estate crowdfunding for our audience.

What began as a personal finance blog for the founder has grown into thousands of monthly returning readers. While Europe remains our primary focus, we strive to deliver in-depth and honest articles to all of our audience. We cover an array of finance topics, both traditional and alternative ones, to help match retail investors with the type of investment or platform that best matches their profile and risk level. This includes stock brokers and real estate crowdfunding platforms, but also more speculative ones such as peer-to-peer lending, cryptocurrencies, and forex brokers.

Our mission is to deliver high-quality financial content and translate complex investment vocabulary into clear and simple language. Whether you’re an experienced trader or a rookie green investor, we hope that our material will help you make up your own mind about where to start.

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We provide time-saving guides, comparisons and reviews on the best stock brokerages, cryptocurrency exchanges, trading platforms, and wallets. For crypto newbies, investors, and traders, we research and evaluate the most popular exchanges.

Our mission is to “make investing simple for everyone” and to provide the finest recommendations to save you time searching for the best cryptocurrency exchange. We are big proponents of blockchain technology and wish to raise awareness and educate people all over the world about it.

Beginners may find it difficult to get started, so we want to fill that knowledge gap by providing unbiased, high-quality, and easy-to-understand articles and exchange reviews that benefit over 150,000 people each month.

How it started

Hi there, I’m Lucas, the founder of Ampleinvest.com. I started the site as a result of my frustrations with banks that charged absurd fees for their services. Everything from exchanging currencies, spending abroad, investing in stocks, or simply having an account racked up an absurd overhead that ate into my savings – money which I already paid tax on and didn’t like to share any more of.

Another strong motivator was the difficulties in finding content aimed at European investors. Everything seemed to target US readers and there wasn’t any great material available for people like myself. Finding brokerages and cryptocurrency exchanges where I could purchase, trade, and sell stocks and bitcoin was a nightmare just a few years back. Luckily, things have improved a lot since then.

Investing has always been a passion of mine. Not in the sense of “making money”, although this can be beneficial for practical reasons, but more so because of an old interest in barter systems and in the historical development and mechanism of the economic system as concept.

In terms of practical investing, I began around 18 years old, but like a lot of beginners I was stock picking and losing money on uninformed trades. The real course of my journey was set with the concept of index funds or ETFs which I believe can be a great way to build long term wealthwhich is for the most part a boring endeavor. These days I spend a lot of time reading about about decentralized finance and hope we will some day reach a system with no custodial intermediaries.

I don’t consider myself an investment “expert,” my views aren’t very novel, and my methods aren’t hidden. There are no “get-rich-quick” schemes in this place. Building true wealth needs perseverance, patience, and time. My goal is to present a variety of personal finance and investing ideas, with the hope that some of them will be valuable to you.

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Some feedback from our readers

I was always kind of lost when it came to my finances, but now I feel like I’ve got a handle on things thanks to all the helpful comparisons. The breakdowns of different banks and investment options really put everything into perspective for me. Big shoutout to the team behind this site – you guys rock!”

You guys rock!”

— Mathis Weimann

Your comparison feature has been a total game-changer for me. I was able to see all the different options side-by-side and make a decision that actually fit my needs. Plus, the articles and tips you guys post are super helpful and easy to understand. Keep up the good work!

Keep up the good work!

— Shimamoto Hotaka


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