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Ablrate FAQ

What is Ablrate?

Albrate is a crowd investing platform based in the UK for investing in loans. You can invest in amortising loans as well as interest-only loans where your initial capital is repaid at the end of the maturity term. Return rates vary by each loan, with those having a second charge yielding higher returns. Alternately, you can invest via Innovative Fund ISA, which gives you tax exemptions on the interest you earn. 

What are the interest rates?

Ablrate open to individuals as well as organizations offering high return rates ranging from 10-15%. With Portfolio Loans, you can invest automatically with your money spread over a diverse set of loans. Some loans have Instant Returns feature, which gives you 0.5-1% more returns as an early bidder. 

What is the secondary market like?

The platform has a very active secondary market so you can get quick returns on your investment and liquify them by just selling it on the market. Unlike most platforms, Albrate does not charge a fee for selling loan shares. Over 43 Million GBP worth of loan shares have been traded on the secondary market.

What are the main features of Ablrate?

Type of Investment: Loan
ROI: 10-15%
Security: Asset
Secondary Market: Yes
Auto-invest Function: Yes
Minimum Investment Amount: GBP 1
Currency of Investment: GBP
Platform Founding Year: 2014
Country of Operation: UK


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